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The Art of Creating Shareable Posts on Social Platforms [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wondering what a shareable social media post looks like? Then wonder no more. Save or bookmark the handy infographic below from MyCleverAgency and reference it any time you get befuddled.
It delineates in detail what engaging, effective and viral Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, or blog posts should include.
Anatomy of a perfect LinkedIn post:
Status update: Your post should be up to date, informational, relevant and attention grabbing. Aim to use no more than 50 characters and engage with your audience by asking questions.
Research and analyze: Know your target audience and tailor the post to them. LinkedIn Insights is a great tool for this. Learn from how well your previous posts have performed, measure engagement through comments, shares, likes and clicks.
Link and description: Adding a link to your update will help direct more people to your article. Be sure to edit your description text, be concise and to the point, drawing people's attention to click.
Take a look at the full infographic for the rest of the tips.The Art Of Creating Shareable Post on Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn - infographic
Remember that, what works for one brand on social media might not always work for another. The key thing here is to test and see what works for your audience.

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