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The Art of Getting Retweets [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a successful small business owner, you most likely have an active Twitter account and are consistently putting out great content (and if you are a little behind on the twitterverse, here’s some handy tips to help you along the way).  However, you may not always be getting as many retweets as your amazing content is worthy of.  But don’t worry – this awesome infographic from our friends at QuickSprout is full of great information to help you get the RT’s you deserve!

the art of retweets

 First off, I highly recommend you bookmark this infograph and read it daily, because it is seriously full of great Twitter tips. But if for some crazy reason you don’t plan on doing that, here are the most important facts I want you to remember!

1. Tweets sent out between noon and 2pm have the highest retweet rate.
2. The best day of the week for retweets is Friday (between noon and 2pm!)
3. Including “Please Retweet” in your tweet has a 51% retweet rate, and “PleaseRT” has a 39% retweet rate.
4. Choosing not to include either of those phrases yields you a 12% retweet rate (Whoa! I highly encourage you to capitalize on those buzz words!)
5. Including a link in your tweet increases your retweet rate.
6. Try limit your tweets to 100 characters, because that leaves room for users to RT, @username and leave a comment.

I sincerely hope you put these great tips to Twitter use! If you spend the time creating unique and quality content for your small business, why not go the extra step and maximize the potential users you could reach by applying these facts! I for one, will certainly be using them (especially on Fridays between noon and 2pm!)

If you want further information on how to raise your Twitter fame, here’s a helpful article full of tips on how to become a Twitter expert! Feel free to tweet us any tips you would like to share via @DigitalSherpas!

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