Attn: Job Seekers! Do You Have a Social Resume? [Infographic]

Posted on January 23rd 2013

Attn: Job Seekers! Do You Have a Social Resume? [Infographic]

In this job market, creativity has become a commodity, and many job seekers are finding various ways to implement social media into their resumes. For both tech-savvy users and the technically challenged, there are multiple resources for job seekers today to use social media to advance their visibility in the online job market.

This infographic from illustrates the various ways social media has become a major factor in the process of job hunting, with a wide array of sites to get them to their next career goal.

Not sure where to start with your social resume? Check out this list of 10 tips for optimizing your social resume to get you headed in the right direction.

Using Social Media to build a Social Resume
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Debbie Lawrence

Debbie Lawrence obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Spanish at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Currently working for an online marketing company, she has developed a sincere interest in the effects and strategies of social media in today's modern tech world. She also helps manage an online schooling blog at, communicating with people of all backgrounds interested in modern online learning options. Please feel free to contact her via Twitter or email with any comments, concerns, or interests in guest blogging opportunities at dlawrence2[@]
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Crazy to think about how the job market has changed even in the last five years. I've read tons of material on the dangers of social media -- how it can get you into trouble when potential bosses see that photo of you at that bachelor party, for instance -- but this is a fresh new way to look at the bright side of the new media/job market landscape.  Thanks!

Hi Debbie, we need to optimize our resume based on our target market. Let say I am a Malaysian and I would like to work in American, make sure I optimize my LinkedIn profile according to America. Get certificates, awards, recommendations and endorsements from there.

Love it.  I just shared this with my undergrad students in the Digital Marketing Strategies class here at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.  Right now we are discussing how to create a good digital footprint and how to brand ourselves.  Thank you.  Perfect timing.  

I was elated when I saw this infographic. I've been a big fan of one's social presence being an attributed factor to the overall resume package. What I'm an even bigger fan of is turning your resume into an actual infographic! I've done this myself; my "INFOME" (infographic + resume) definitely stood out!


Of course I have a social resume. It's called Google.

I have always thought of linkedin as only a skeleton of my accomplishments and online portfolios allowed me to give my resumé some body.  I found, the perfect online portfolio platform.  Employeers can download a copy of my resumé and cover letter from within the app itself.