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August's Top 10 Liked Facebook Brand Posts: UPS, Disney and Ferrari Race to the Top

Facebook users began August cheering on their Olympics teams and ended the month swarming beaches and backyard barbeques. But they still found time to Like posts from their favorite brands. Track Social, the leading social media consultancy and analytics platform, followed hundreds of thousands of posts for the month of August and ten brands topped the Leaderboards for most Liked brand posts.

UPS took the top spot for the second month in a row on the back of their UPS Heroes campaign profiling UPS drivers who go above and beyond in emergencies. In July, UPS driver Kenneth Donleycott shot to the top of the monthly and all time Leaderboards when he found a missing Alzheimer's patient, racking up more than 870,000 Likes. This month, fellow UPS hero Eric Logan pulled 5 children from a car wreck and earned more than 850,000 Likes himself.

Controversy also crept in to the Top Ten this month when NBC's sports division gave an all call to supporters of Lance Armstong. Nearly half a million cycling fans clicked Like. Intel also blatantly asked for Likes – and got them - for their Powered By Intel Thumbs Up post. This tactic may be viewed as a bit direct by many marketing teams, but a recent Track Social white paper studying the posting habits of 100 of the world's top brands found that asking for Likes and Comments drives up engagement significantly.

Two ministries made it into the top 10 with inspirational quotes. But, with 8 of the top 10 posts involving strong imagery, photos continue to prove a better engagement driver for many brands than statuses, links and other types of content.

The Track Social August, 2012 Top 10 Most Liked Facebook Brand Posts:

For the full list of August's 10 Most Liked Brand Posts on Facebook, including a race off between Ferrari and BMW, click here.


Track Social, a leading social media analytics platform and consultancy, offers enterprise clients the ability to analyze and optimize their social media presence across all major social platforms. For more information, and to apply for a free assessment of your brand’s social performance, go here.

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