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Authenticity on the Path to Professional Blogging


Authenticity is at risk. There is too much pressure as a professional blogger to monetize, engage, develop a brand, be a leader with unique content, and utilize digital marketing for lead generation and search marketing. When you’re making the climb from newbie blogger to professional, there are many bloggers ahead of you to follow and heed their examples.

It’s not hard to see that all the tools of the trade to create the largest professional brand are right there for the plucking - but at what expense?

Are you risking your own identity as a professional by changing it up too fast or too much? How do you feel as a blogger when you sit down to write?

These are questions that need asking on your path because there’s one thing about blogging I want to instill with you:

  • Genuine and authentic persona as a blogger are traits that will always be critical to success; always.
  • If or when you become mechanical about the journey, it’s time to take a break.
  • If or when you put more strength on analytics to tell you what to write and determine your success, it’s time to re-visit your original goals.
  • If or when you lose focus of your personality and are writing without verve, think about your core.

I have always written content from my circles of inspiration; rarely if ever have I written content based on analytics or key words. Perhaps that’s short-sighted; perhaps not.

I realize there are solid reasons to write more content based on how people come to visit; however, I also realize that’s not the goal of my writing, either. Even if I was to put up a ton of posts oriented to message mapping, for example, people would probably get tired of seeing the same thing, and I would get pretty bored with it, too.

When you write, be sure to keep your personality in the story. It doesn’t have to be written in the first person to do that; it has to have your spirited delivery.

The thing about analytics I’ve always pondered is whether it would pirate authenticity. We know Google continues to adjust its algorithm to wreak havoc on everyone’s crazy-ometer. If you depend on analytics every day to determine what to write, then you’re risking authenticity. That’s my view, any takers?

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  •'s picture
    Feb 3 Posted 3 years ago

    Hi, Hailey!

    Spot on and so smart. The one thing I have always done is get my inspiration from reading and then I craft a unique perspective with a bit of research and data proof points (if I need them). I know I'm probably missing the boat not writing to analytics, but...shoot, I like what I write the way it is!

    I know I need to change it up...soon!

    Thanks for commenting here!


  • hailley's picture
    Feb 3 Posted 3 years ago hailley

    I'm with you, Jayme! Adding personality and avoiding being mechanical are things I always strive to do. The other thing is that sometimes you will find other blogs that are kind of similar to yours, it's important not to write posts that are in the same box that they are in, not that their posts are wrong, but you are unique and should adapt your blog posts accordingly. Trying to fit your personality into what's working for someone else's blog is not a recipe for success, being unique is! 

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