Auto Industry Bailout PR at GM [Podcast]

Eric Schwartzman Entrepreneur / Author / Consultant , Comply Socially

Posted on February 7th 2012

Auto Industry Bailout PR at GM [Podcast]


Handling crisis PR at GM before, during and after US taxpayers rescued the automaker with Jennifer Ecclestone (@jenecclestone), Social Media and Executive Communications for the GM Product and Technology division.

Jennifer and Eric discuss the automotive industry crisis of 2008-2010, how the US automakers got caught without hybrids when gas prices increased, how US Dept. of Defense Secretary of Defense Robert Gates accelerated production of MRAPs, the politics of setting fuel efficiency standards and what crisis PR firms can learn from her handling of communications through the automotive industry bailout crisis.

This interview was recorded the 2011 PRSA International Conference in Orlando.  Chartered in 1947, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the world’s largest and foremost organization of public relations professionals. PRSA provides professional development, sets standards of excellence and upholds principles of ethics for its members and, more broadly, the multi-billion dollar global public relations profession. We also advocate for greater understanding and adoption of public relations services, and act as one of the industry’s leading voices on the important business and professional issues of our time.


Eric Schwartzman

Entrepreneur / Author / Consultant , Comply Socially

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