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The Beginner's Guide to Twitter for Business: All You Need to Know in One Handy Guide

ImageTwitter for business, any business, has become pretty much a must-have. It helps to drive awareness, promote your brand via offers and information, make vital contacts and share industry knowledge. It has also become a must-have for customer service: the place where customers expect to get help, fast.

For those who have been with Twitter since its inception, the jargon and Twetiquette (sorry) are second nature.  But if you’re new to social media, it can be a confusing channel: easy to misstep, to miss opportunities, and fail to engage.

It’s for these people that eModeration has written the Beginner’s guide to Twitter for business.  Starting at the very basics – why are you on Twitter? – it covers the following:

  • How to set up your profile
  • How to have conversations and engage
  • How to post images, links and video
  • Best practice and dos and don’ts of tweeting
  • Finding, searching and following
  • Setting up lists
  • Choosing Twitter tools and apps
  • Twitter chats
  • Hacking and security
  • Twitter lingo
  • How not to breach Twitter terms and conditions

… all you need to know in one handy guide, with lots of links through to further help.

The guide is free to download from the eModeration site.  If you – or anyone you know – wants to know more about starting out on Twitter, this is where to look. If you need expert help in setting up or managing Twitter for your brand, please contact eModeration, where the social media experts will be happy to talk to you.

And next week, I’ll take a closer look at how to choose free Twitter tools and apps for your business.


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