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Best Customer Service Exchange Ever from Netflix

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  • Oct 16 Posted 1 year ago Edwin Ritter

    Kudos to Netlifx! We've all heard various'War Stories' form customer service and have experienced an few directly ourselves.  Having a sense of humor goes a long way no matter what side of the keyboard you are on. It helps to establish rapport and show concern w/o sounding like a bot spewing rote responses. Also engages the customer in an entertaining way and allows them to 'play along'. Note - this may not work with all customers so the mileage may vary here.

  • Oct 16 Posted 1 year ago Cémanthe McKenzie

    Prime example of a big brand being human. Love it!!

  • Avtar Ram Singh's picture
    Oct 16 Posted 1 year ago Avtar Ram Singh

    Straight off from Reddit?

  • kylemj6977's picture
    Oct 16 Posted 1 year ago kylemj6977

    Excellent for Netflix!  I don't have a comical story but I do remember how Netflix helped customers who were impacted during Katrina. I'm in Mississippi and didn't have power for a week. Netflix had sent an email during that time informing me that they had suspsended my account (due to my address) and credited back the current service.  This was all becuase of being impacted by Katrina. They DID NOT have to do this and I think it was above-and-beyond.  

    They may have lost $20-30 dollors from me that month.  The ROI on that $20-30?  I forget how many times I've told this story!  This alone makes the ROI priceless!