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The Best in Facebook Marketing: Studio Award Winners

The Facebook Studio Award winners were announced this week, which means I got to sit around and relive some of our favorite Facebook campaigns of the year. These awards are given to brands and their agencies for work that proved to not only drive engagement, but also build word of mouth and brand awareness. Here are some of my favorites from the list of winners, and a few reasons why.

Anna Kendrick_Commercial

Photo Credit: Facebook

Droga5 & Newcastle: If We Made It

The most memorable commercial from this year’s Super Bowl brand bonanza never even aired during the game. Instead, Newcastle relied on the buzz from their clever digital campaign If We Made It and wrote the book on how to use influencers to magnify a brand message and grow awareness.

  • Brand awareness grew by 5%, with a 6% increase in trial
  • Purchase consideration grew 19% among Newcastle’s target
  • 8,000 comments and 16,000 shares were generated from the campaign on Facebook

VML & Wendy’s: Wendy’s Bacon Portabello Melt on Brioche 

This entire campaign was created with Facebook commenters in mind. Understanding that many of its brand fans enjoy a slip-up, Wendy’s embraced this mentality and gave them something to talk about. Brioche is a weird, delicious word and it turned this sandwich from a boring new menu item to a shareable, fun campaign.

  •  1.7 million total post engagements
  • 50,000 new Facebook fans during the 5 weeks the campaign ran

 72andSunny, Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’sReclaim Your Angus

We’d like to give a big, juicy kiss to whoever initially claimed the domain name for ReclaimYourAngus.com and gave us this stacked digital campaign. 72andSunny used the discontinuation of angus burgers by McDonald’s to turn their disappointed fans into CKE regulars. They used the Facebook Power Editor to talk to angry fans and offer them a lower priced, better burger.

  • 300% rise in coupon redemptions (over 6,000 total)
  • 37,000 new fans in three days

 Wieden+Kennedy & Nike: RunNXN (Nike Cross Nationals)

Looking to maximize their sponsorship of Nike Cross Nationals with a crowd worthy of its high school athletes, W+K used Facebook to get the job done by bringing the race to the fans on the social network. The real-time Facebook app RunNXN pulled in data from the runners’ shoes and pushed it out to their Facebook friends. It was a great way to take advantage of the individual networks of the runners and maximize the attention of this national race all day long.

  • 1.5 million minutes were spent engaging with RunNXN
  • In the live chat feed, comments peaked at 2.2 per second

DDB Chicago & State Farm: State Farm Double Down

This campaign was just plain fun. Talking trash on Facebook is a tactic most fantasy football fans are familiar with and last season, State Farm wanted in on the action. Using the SNL Super Fans skit as inspiration, DDB was able to create 13 weeks worth of sponsored Page posts and target the 45 million fantasy football fans in the US.

  • 900 million social impressions

What Now?

Coming up with shareable, interesting campaigns on social media isn’t easy. But when brands and agencies are able to strike gold, the bigger challenge is in keeping their Facebook communities engaged and active over the months that follow a successful campaign. Facebook marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Impactful campaigns give brands a strong base to build on and find their best fans and biggest advocates. What they do once they find them is what separates the truly social brands from the brands that merely enjoy peaks of success throughout the year without any real traction.

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  • May 6 Posted 3 years ago Nick Paul

    Stacey, this is super handy to use as a benchmark. Do you know though how much the campaigns cost? That kind of information would be invaluable in working out what the ROI is of campaigns like this. I often find it hard to say "that was worth it" at the end of a campaign because I may have gotten 500,000 likes, and increased brand awareness by 6% but if I spent 10 million dollars on it, does that still mean it was worthwhile?

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