Best Smartphones in the Economy Cabin

Posted on November 30th 2012

Best Smartphones in the Economy Cabin

Nowadays our society is one revolved around time, or lack there of. Accessing and learning things instantly is the only way we live and if someone is trying to send a coupon through the mail instead of throgh a MMS their business will surely be obsolete in no time. Smart phones are the key to this quick information accessability, especially when it comes to all the different social media platforms. If you do not have a smartphone then you are probably behind or at least delayed when it comes to keeping up with what the world has to offer.

 The following phones are rock stars, both as far as specs and price:

The Samsung Galaxy Pro is part of Samsung’s new fleet of smartphones that now includes the Galaxy S3. These devices sport several nifty features, like the full QWERTY keyboard for tactile feedback under the thumb and a 2.8-inch, 320x240-pixel touch screen with aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally, it operates on Android 2.2 and Samsung's TouchWiz user interface, granting the user access to multiple Galaxy S3 accessories, including thousands of applications.

The Huawei IDEOS U8150 has been referred to as the most affordable Android phone in the world . For some, that may be reason enough. While the screen is a bit smaller than your average device, it’s still a great choice for anyone looking to purchase an affordable Android phone. One of the device’s unique selling points is it’s WIFI N support, which facilitates speedier browsing. The device also offers a tight integration with Facebook, Twitter, GMail and Youtube.

Nokia N8 offers a 12MP camera with Xenon flash, HD video recording, plenty of internal storage and a high end media player, as well as the new Symbian 3 OS update which attempts to fix the lag issues and shoddy Internet browser. You can get this device for a relatively cheap price that doesn't require an absurd contract. Though it's got some growing pains to go through, this is a phone to consider if you're looking to guard your checking account.

LG Optimus V is a device you should check out for sure. Unlike the Optimus M on MetroPCS, the Optimus V attains 3G data speeds. That's crucial for efficient web browsing, streaming audio, and other Internet-based apps. Better yet, the Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus V is an excellent version that offers the same network coverage as Sprint's LG Optimus, but with the consummate Beyond Talk service options that dip as low as $25 a month.

iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S are three Apple products which now many people feel are nothing but a coaster or expensive paper weight. However, that is simply not true. Those people prancing around with their iPhone 5s are people who had an available cell phone upgrade or felt compelled to spend $600 on the latest Apple toy. The best part about the 5 for those left behind is that all other Apple phones are now readily available at great prices. The further you go back, the more features you lose, but it's hard to argue that your flip phone is on the same level as even the oldest iPhones. 

Exceptional functionality and affordable pricing are not mutually exclusive in the world of mobile devices. With research, good timing, and a bit of luck, you can find the right smartphone for you so that your tweets and status updates don't all have to come from the computer.


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