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The Best Social Media Brands in 2012

Having recently announced the Track Social Facebook Awards for 2012, Track Social has now aggregated social performance across platforms to assess the best overall performers in social media throughout the entire year.

In the awards for individual Facebook Pages the big winners were Facebook, Subway, Disney and Fox. Now it's time to see who comes out on top in the overall as well as Twitter and LinkedIn categories.

Overall Performance

Facebook - Average Daily Score: 54.6


On the back of sweeping the awards for its own platform, Facebook takes out the Overall Performance award in social media for 2012. In general, Facebook does not have the most engaging social presence on any medium, however it is, well, Facebook. Everyone knows it, everyone talks about it, and it typically gets a large response when it says something. Sheer size and notoriety carry the social leviathan through to the overall victory.

Runners up in the category include YouTube, Disney, Coca-Cola and MTV. For the full top ten go here.

Overall Engagement

Disney - Average Daily Score: 16,162

The highly prestigious Engagement Award goes to Disney, for getting a consistently high level of response from its fans across social platforms.

Disney has a massive global audience and entertainment vehicles that cross generations. However getting engagement in social media still requires considerable commitment and effort, so plaudits to Disney.

They were closely followed by Subway (winner of the Facebook Engagement award) and Fox News (winner of the Facebook Comments award).


Overall Twitter Performance

YouTube - Average Daily Score: 9.93

YouTube is the surprise winner of the Overall Twitter award, contributing to their overall 2nd place position across all platforms, behind Facebook. On Twitter, YouTube is intensively involved in the community, constant tweeting about it's own content, and also interacting directly with users.
Twitter Engagement

ESPN - Average Daily Retweets: 3,564

Twitter is a perfect medium for spontaneous events such as sports, so it is not surprising ESPN uses it to great effect. ESPN takes a very conversational tone in its prolific Tweets, and the audience is very responsive.


Most Retweets Per Tweet

Instagram - Average Retweets Per Tweet: 669.3

Despite their rather bitter public break up near the end of the year, Instagram and Twitter were a great couple for most of 2012, with the photo sharing network leading the way in terms of Retweets per Tweet.


Most Followers on LinkedIn

Hewlett-Packard - Followers: 915,513

LinkedIn has a very different audience of business professionals, and the leading businesses using the platforms tend to be in the high tech or professional services sectors. Despite troubled times on the business front, Hewlett-Packard has managed to develop a substantial presence on LinkedIn.


Note that by including "Brands" only, celebrities are excluded from these awards. See the Track Social Awards page for the full list of social awards as well as a Top Ten for each individual award.

Track Social, the leading social media analytics platform and consultancy, offers extensive social monitoring and reporting solutions for small businesses and enterprise clients.

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