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Best Time to Post on Facebook: Use Insights

best time to post on Facebook

At long last! Fan page administrators and marketers can now post content to their fan pages at optimal times without a lot of guesswork. The best time to post on Facebook has been revealed by Facebook itself, thanks to the newest upgrade of Insights. If you don’t have them yet, be patient. It’s coming!

But is this a game changer? Yes! Generally most social media statistics concerning the best times and days to post to the fan page are based on what the EAST coast is doing. Considering most of the US population lives there that’s understandable, but what if the population of your fan page doesn’t live on the east coast? You just had to figure it out on our own or purchase sometimes costly analytical tools.

And now that’s changed! In comes Facebook with new and improved Insights or analytics. They’ve obviously heard our cries, or more realistically those of advertisers and marketers. But I won’t complain because the upgrade benefits us all. Now we can now see week by week the best time to post on Facebook according to our individual fan pages and audiences, not on broad stats based on one coast.

Watch the tutorial below to learn just how easy it is to see key analytical data about your fan page. No more downloading that exhaustive Facebook Excel spreadsheet of fan page data unless you want to. Truly, the interface is so much more user-friendly than what we had before. After watching the video, share with me in the comments below how knowing when the best time to post on Facebook impacts your content strategy or posting schedule.


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  • AdmaMaharjan's picture
    Sep 23 Posted 3 years ago AdmaMaharjan

    Nice Article Alice !!

    You are right that it depends upon th epopulation of our fans location and this should be carefully noted with utmost importance. To me, the best time to post on Facebook usually on the morning, surely not during office hours (11am-5pm) and during night it's best during bed-time and not after the dinner. 


    Adma Maharjan, Community Manager @Simplify360

  • Sep 4 Posted 3 years ago Greg Mee

    Nice explanation, even though FB hasn't upgraded my stats yet. :(

  • Aug 22 Posted 3 years ago Melissa Cohn Bondy

    Hello. Do you know how fast they're rolling this new update/insights out? I'm excited.

  • Sheersocial's picture
    Aug 18 Posted 3 years ago Sheersocial



    I'm happy right along with you.  Those excel sheets, though informative, were just a pain.  Now the pain is gone and you can breeze through Facebook Insights without wanting to pull our hair out!

    But here's what's funny.  Just a few days AFTER posting the information, Facebook replaced the usual clickable Insights icon with some monitor your favorite 5 pages stuff!!!

    Just when you get comfortable learning one new thing, here comes Facebook with something else to learn. But at least we can now better see optimal times to engage with the audiences on our fan pages. That's more important than monitoring 5 other pages I don't administer.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Cara Tarbaj's picture
    Aug 16 Posted 3 years ago Cara Tarbaj

    I'm so happy that we've got another update to Insights! I especially love that it's no longer necessary to download those excel sheets. 

    Personally, the metric I find most important is Virality. Now it's easier to take the focus off of a few metrics and pay attention to Insights as a whole. 

    Check out my colleague Bree's article on using Facebook Insights for better content marketing.


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