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Beyond Marketing: The Organizational Impact of a Social Signal [INFOGRAPHIC]

Real Examples of Social Business

Social media in a business context is often considered an exclusive marketing function. Forward-thinking marketing teams have integrated social channels and the latest technologies into their overall marketing strategies. Companies who do it exceptionally well have integrated these powerful new channels into customer service activities, as well.

But a meaningful social signal can deliver a whole lot more. Integrating social media into multiple functions of your organization can benefit operations and yield a distinct competitive advantage. Adopting social media across the organization can help businesses:

  • Find new market opportunities
  • Get their pricing strategy right
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Attract and retain talented employees
  • Get industry insights to make better informed business decisions

A recent infographic produced by social media monitoring platform, Rignite, follows the life of real-world social signals. Each provides valuable feedback and insights that can be taken across multiple business functions.


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  • aspilialleli's picture
    Apr 17 Posted 1 year ago aspilialleli

    First of all, I would like to say how much I love your color combinations are! Great infograph - just like what Joe here said. 

    Social business is rising up today and I'm very much excited to look forward on what could the trend be in the near future.

    "Lover of social media and infographs" :p


  • Apr 11 Posted 1 year ago joewozny

    Great infograph.  Our customers are engaged in social media in a number of areas in their business. Suggest also Social Media Monitoring is an important item that would be a good add to your infograph.