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Big Data Analytics for Small Business - Improve Your Customer Intelligence

Big data analytics

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Companies often spend big investment on data analytics. Data mining is known to strengthen the ability of a company to reinforce their online marketing strategies by understanding the needs of their customers and in finding the most effective means of addressing the consumer demands. With loads of data to manage, internet marketing companies need the help of the experts such as social media specialists, data analyst, web design and development experts and search engine optimization professionals in order to translate data into meaningful information and execute data into resourceful business intelligence. With the use of analytics it is easy to understand the current internet marketing trends and in using metrics that can help small businesses to develop a responsive online marketing strategies.


big data analytics

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Exploiting data analytics for better marketing strategies

There is wealth of information available for internet marketers to explore using data analytics. You can exploit the opportunities in strengthening your small business customer intelligence by targeting the essential data needed for data analytics with these steps:

  • Filter relevant data needed for your business
  • Identify specific metrics that will point out to specific customers that will likely convert into sales
  • Use analytics tools to monitor your internet marketing campaigns and define its results
  • Execute the big data available into meaningful interpretation to structure your internet marketing campaigns towards better customer engagement

By using data analytics, small businesses can employ a better online marketing concept that can help businesses grow their customer intelligence. The process helps in enhancing their ability to deliver a more responsive service that will meet the constantly changing customer demands and needs. Data analysis reinforces the search engine optimization techniques that are being used in marketing brand, products and services and it also works to improve customer engagement of your business which has become a vital strategy for Atlanta website design.

Data analytics provides a more efficient and cost effective means of measuring business marketing success and it delivers more targeted results. By exploring all the data and metrics available for analysis, it is easier to point out the marketing flaws and strengths of your business. When exploring the possibilities of improving your data analytics approach, these techniques will help you derive more targeted results:

1. Connect your business to targeted customers in the digital sphere

The digital sphere offers a vast opportunity in finding customers to market your business. Within the virtual environment, small businesses are capable of expanding their website visibility and to become at par with their competitors. With customer intelligence to draw big data from that can optimize internet marketing strategies, it is easier to focus on important factors that can affect the ability of your business to reach a wider audience with better customer engagement.

  • Leverage in using the internet to reach a wider audience without the geographical boundaries by building your own website.
  • Make use of professional web design and development professional services to make your business more responsive in delivering a better online viewing and navigational experience to your visitors.
  • Use analytics to review the type of mobile devices used by your potential customers in viewing your products and services. Make your website design more responsive to their viewing behavior and create a website version optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Grow your social media assets by using social data and search engine optimization in order to improve the exposure of your business to the search results and social media community.

2. Use data analytics in understanding your consumer preferences

big data analytics

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Your consumer preferences constantly change and data analytics provides a viable tool in obtaining and processing information drawn out from customer behavior and their purchasing habits. Big data provides measurable metrics that can help you maintain the relevance of your business to your target customers.

Use predictive models such as audience segmentation to track down purchasing habits of your customers, separating repeat customers from the new ones.

  • Group customers according to their buying behavior and attributes in order to create a targeted marketing campaign.
  • Use social data to understand the rate of consumer social engagement to your business.
  • Leverage on big data to use as intelligent algorithms to gain better insights in delivering targeted ads for your customers.

3. Obtain customer behavioral impressions through data analytics

Data analytics can help you obtain more accurate and objective data in terms of customer behavior and impressions to your business. By using analytics, you can get more objective resources and metrics that can help you measure your business competence in meeting the demands of your customers. With the help of website developers and expert SEO you can get more valuable data to make your website more capable in making your website more accessible, popular to the search engine and relevant to your customers.

  • Use metrics in delivering better viewing experience to your customers using professional web design and development services.
  • Obtain a real time pulse on your customer preferences and impression to your business web pages
  • Track down your customer impression on each web page by tracking web page engagement of your visitors to your site.
  • Identify your web page click through rate for each visit of your customers.

The system of data analytics and customer intelligence

 Customer intelligence empowers small businesses to have a more useful data mining process in analyzing business performance and customer behavior. With customer intelligence, you can easily collect valuable objective data from both external and internal sources that can help drive your business marketing growth. Analytics solutions are very useful in helping small businesses in managing both external and internal data available and applying them in a more responsive approach using web development, SEO, web designing and digital marketing solutions.

Among the external data that you can derive from big data analytics include an analysis of your business positioning within a targeted location, understanding consumer behavior and their engagement to your website and personal demographics of your customers. This information is useful in helping you plot down your digital marketing campaigns and how to apply the most appropriate SEO marketing tactics to your business advantage.

If you want to leverage on Big Data to grow your customer intelligence, DIGITAL WARRIORS can provide you the professional services to help you boost your digital marketing strategies.

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  • Nem Radenovic's picture
    Aug 11 Posted 2 years ago Nem Radenovic

    Great post Jason - I think analytics is what social media was when it originally began to be looked at as a "new" business tool. While many businesses lagged behind getting on social media, it is now a must-have of any marketing efforts regardless of organization size. 

    Analytics seems to be going the same way: while organizations are now readily active on these networks very few of them are willing to invest time or resources into analytics. I believe majority of decision makers find it challenging to make sense of the data, and simply just have a hard time figuring it out how to get started. Luckily posts like this, and general first-time website measurement overviews will hopefully help many small-medium organizations get started with their analytics.

    As with many things, the hardest part is getting started and establishing meaningful goals to make sense of.

  • MeetLeads's picture
    Feb 17 Posted 3 years ago MeetLeads

    Jason, thank you for pointing out the importance of customer intelligence through data analytics. We recently introduced a free cloud-based service at to track your website visitors. It's similar to google analytics, but it shows you the actual visiting companies and contacts within them as opposed to general demographics. We hope this free service helps sales and marketing organizations like yours improve your analytics without any additional effort or cost.

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