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Blogger of the Week: Tiphereth Gloria

Social media would seem a perfect career path for an anthropologist with an advanced degree in film and television like Tiphereth Gloria.  (Some of you may recognize the name Tiphereth as being related to  Kabbalah.)  After doing corporate video, banking and a stint with Leo Burnett for a number of years she finally got there or--more precisely--social media finally caught up with her. 

It was applying her analytical skills to microblogging service Twitter that earned her our Blogger of The Week award.  Tip's post (she likes the short name and is quick to remind that in Australia nearly everyone is called by a nickname) How Not To Use, Twitter Habitat UK As A Case Study came to our attention and then the nice folks over at Techmeme pounced on it  and the rest is history in the Social Media Today book of records.  Over 27,000 page views and 700 retweets.   And Habitat UK, the trendy furniture and home furnishings chain even issued an apology that when blogged by Tip here at Social Media Today, generated  another 4800 views and 75 retweets.  

(SMT Update:  The Habitat story and Social Media Today's role in it are noted in an article in Monday's New York Times.)

Tip has her own blog, Digital Tip, and is one of the founding members of the Sydney Social Media Club, one of the more influential groups on the digital media scene in Australia.  Like many of our community members, Tip is a difference maker because she merges the tools of a trained academic with the passion of an early social media adopter.  

"In the last 6 months my focus for my blog became digital branding and how brands use social media," Tiphereth says.   "It's really a full circle now - because what I'm doing is using the same thinking and approach as I did with the modern social anthropology I did at university. I love my blog because it gives me a platform to be myself - I just write about what interests me personally, which is the digital space, branding, and social media and I bring my 14 years of digital and marketing experience to it.  I call myself a digital and social media advocate - I am very passionate in my writing because I love digital and social media."

Congratulations. And keep the hits coming. 

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