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Blogging for Job Seekers: Tips for Using Social Media to Secure Employment

For anyone who’s out of work or considering the possibility of a future job search — and let’s face it, that’s most of us — social media platforms offer relatively easy-to-use tools for demonstrating expertise and professionalism to potential employers or clients.

Here are five tips for using social media to help secure employment:

  1. Set up a blog at WordPress and social media information sources like Mashable and Social Media Today offer instructions for how to set up a blog that looks professional and how to use it to develop your online presence.
  2. Write blog posts about what you know. Show potential employers the value you can add to their organizations.
  3. Tweet about it. Set up a Twitter account for your professional profile and tweet links to your blog posts to get the word out about what you do.
  4. Share your posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. As with Twitter, create professional profiles and offer advice and useful information to your online contacts and friends.
  5. Research. Online resources like Monster+HotJobs offer great advice on how to present yourself to the world using every tool available to you.

If you already have a blog and Twitter and Facebook accounts for personal use, consider keeping those private and developing a public, professional presence you show to the world. Remember that every time you use social media to communicate, you’re developing your personal brand. Think about how you want potential employers and clients to perceive you before you post.

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