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Blogging Tips for People Who Hate Blogging: 5 Easy Keys to Success

Blogging Tips For People Who Hate Blogging: 5 Easy Keys To Success

Do you hate blogging? Let’s look at some blogging tips which will help you to turn your blog into a powerhouse marketing tool. It’s easier than you think.

Start by considering how your blog appears to you. Perhaps it seems like a time sink; alternatively, you may look on it as a way to take your business to the next level.

Use these five keys to unlock the power of your business blog.

1. Consider your goals, then commit to a schedule.

Make a list of outcomes you’re looking for in 2014: increased traffic, better conversions, enhanced visibility… If this sounds complicated, keep it simple.

Create a statement: “In 2014, our blog will help our current customers by ________. It will attract new customers, who will see our business as __________.” Your statement summarizes your goals, and because it’s brief and to the point, you’ll remember it.

Put this statement where you’ll see it, on a sticky note perhaps. Use Google Analytics to track your results.

Then decide how often you’ll blog. You don’t need to commit to a schedule. If you do however, blogging will be easier.

2. Your blog is a publication: vary your content.

Blogging is instant publishing. Your blog is a publication and just like a magazine, and can have several contributors.

In 7 Steps To Make Your Blog A Marketing Machine, Heidi Cohen suggests:

Outline a series of on-going content columns. Extend the information you’re going to cover in terms of categories. Go a step further and think like an old fashioned magazine to create a set of regular features related to the focus on your content marketing strategy.

It’s excellent advice. Magazines have two primary forms of content: editorial, and advertising. Use both. This speaks to Tip 5: inspire action with your blog posts.

3. Collect a team, and add them to your editorial calendar.

When a client tells me he hates blogging, it’s because he’s taken the entire burden on his own shoulders. You need a team, and you may need to bribe people, or hire them. If you haven’t considered soliciting guest posts, consider it now. Ask members of your staff to volunteer (bribe them). Reach out to colleagues, suppliers, and even investors if you have them.

Consider reaching out to other bloggers too. Cast your net widely.

Make a list of possible contributors, and reach out to them. When you get a contributor, add them to your editorial calendar.

4. Reward yourself when you hit blogging milestones.

Set up blogging milestones. Your milestones can be anything you choose, and can involve traffic, and conversions. Or perhaps your milestones will be the number of social shares, or even  the number of posts you create.

They can be public, or private, as long as they’re meaningful. Rewards make good bribes for your contributors.

Make a list of milestones, and of rewards.

5. Remember to inspire action with every blog post.

What do you want your blog’s readers to do when they check out a posting on your blog? Perhaps you simply want to give them additional information about a product. You needn’t spend all your time discussing products’ features and benefits however.

If you’re selling oven ware for example, there’s no need to confine yourself to talking about your various products. You can talk about famous chefs, give recipes and tips, or post photos and videos of readers’ kitchens. The possibilities are endless, as long as you remember to inspire action.

Create a blogging template. At the bottom of the template, type: ACTION! (Include the exclamation point.)

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  • Angela Booth's picture
    Dec 20 Posted 3 years ago Angela Booth

    Thanks Samuel. Yes variety is important. I struggle with that myself, so I'll be developing more variety in my posts in 2014. It's a challenge. :-)

  • Angela Booth's picture
    Dec 20 Posted 3 years ago Angela Booth

    Thank you Ajay -- yes, rewards help. :-)

  • ajayprasad's picture
    Dec 20 Posted 3 years ago emarketing .

    I want to say thank you Angela for this valuable post. These tips are really helpful for all the people who engaged in social media business or blogging. I like the point “reward yourself when you hit blogging milestones”.  Good !

  • Samuel Hum's picture
    Dec 15 Posted 3 years ago Samuel Hum

    Hi Angela,

    I especially liked the point about treating your blog like a magazine publication. I think it's probably very easily to focus so much on writing articles that hit out direct main goal that we miss out on variety.

    Magazines are a good reference in terms of variety and balance of direct and indirect information!

    Thanks for consolidating these points in this article!

  • Angela Booth's picture
    Dec 13 Posted 3 years ago Angela Booth

    Thank you for you kind words, Dan.

  • Cashone's picture
    Dec 13 Posted 3 years ago Cashone

    Simply watching the news is an excellent way to find new content ideas. As a matter of fact, if you have a TV on at low volume as you write, you can catch new headlines as they are happening

  • Dec 13 Posted 3 years ago egodasa

    thank you so much for the tips.blogging come instability when you lose your inspiration and a team for our blog is great will make more update for our blog.

    and when we got some money from our blog it make a new spirit of blogging.but,when we didn't get it,i think hard to find a motivation for blogging.

  • Dec 13 Posted 3 years ago Dan White Edmon...

    I think this is a nice post on blogging and encourage people for blogging. I appreciate the tips shared by the writer. Thanks for this useful post.

  • Angela Booth's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 3 years ago Angela Booth

    Thanks Kaitlin. :-)

  • khawkins's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 3 years ago khawkins

    Great advice! This reminds me a lot of another blog I've read about how to make your blogs count (even if you hate blogging).

    My favorite point that you make is about rewarding yourself - especially if you're one of those people who is hesitant to start blogging or to keep up the schedule. It really does take a dedicated person to stick to a real content schedule, and rewarding yourself in a positive way is a great way to keep you motivated. Like they say, "keep your eye on the prize"!

  • Angela Booth's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 3 years ago Angela Booth

    You're very welcome. :-) Yes, blogging can be a challenge when you lose your inspiration and enthusiasm for what you're doing. That's normal. I hope the tips work for you; getting people to help you to blog can rekindle your own enthusiasm, and a bribe always helps.

  • Alexandra Kalinina's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 3 years ago Alexandra Kalinina

    Very useful tips. I would also suggest to read the following article about how to get more comments on your blog articles - which is really very important too.

  • malliha4244's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 3 years ago malliha4244

    Thanks Angela! This article was helpful. I find myself getting into a state of boredom with my blog lovelymali(dot)com

    I have tried to be consistent and my tactics go under the rug within a month. I know that consistency is key but I need to passionate about the content. After a certain point I get overwhelmed and stressed about what to publish and how often. I then avoid blogging because I find that it has not correlated with my lifestyle.

    I truly need to re-evaluate and go full force in 2014. 

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