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The Brand Mistake You Must Avoid

You need help to build your business. You need people with expertise, with skills and most of all you need people to share the workload.

Whether we are hiring new talent or outsourcing services, there is one thing that must never happen…

You must never outsource your soul.

The soul of your brand is essential to the growth of you business and the differentiation of your brand

Do you know the soul of your brand?

I don’t mean what you do for a living, I mean the why…

I don’t mean what the brand statement says, I mean how you feel about your business…

I don’t mean the logo, I mean what is at the heart of why you do what you do…

What is the soul of your brand?

The soul of your brand is what makes you different. It is what guides you in every decision you make. It is what you feel strongly about and that you live every moment of the day.

The soul of your brand is what drives every decision, every interaction and every business objective.

It is who you are. It is how you feel. It is the DNA of your brand.

The power of knowing the soul of your brand

The soul is the driver. The soul is what makes your business different. Your soul is the reason to buy from you. You soul is needed for clarity in all that you do.

The problem is that we drift as we grow. As we hire more, outsource more then we see processes being outsourced not part of the soul of your brand.

But beware. Successful brands NEVER outsource their soul.

You need to protect it, nurture it and keep the soul at the heart of what is done – whether it is in your control or not.

How do you do that?

By being clear about what is the soul of your brand and ONLY choosing the people, the suppliers who embrace the soul as well as the work. And understand they can only embrace it if they know what it is and are clear that their performance will be judged not only on the work but on the how of the work.

We work hard to build brands. The sad part is that we often don’t work hard enough to maintain, protect and nurture that brand. Protect your soul at all costs and with that protection brings a clarity of thought that will bring huge financial benefits.

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