Brand Your Twitter Profile to Increase Engagement

Posted on February 7th 2013

Brand Your Twitter Profile to Increase Engagement

Take control of your brand. Your Twitter profile page is completely public — anyone can view it without joining or logging into Twitter. You have the opportunity to instantly make an impression to a new visitors when they see your Twitter profile page by featuring your most important content and visually representing your brand.

Here are recommendations and best practices to take advantage of all the branding opportunities on your Twitter profile. Customize your brand's Twitter profile to increase engagement and conversions.

If you have a design team, the below will be helpful for them, and heres a template to help build out creatives:


• Use the centered background option in the navigation settings/design section of your profile to keep the background image aligned with your Twitter profile page content. 

• If you are using the tiled background option, make sure the edges of your image match up to create a seamlessly tiled image. 

• To allow for your background image to not appear cutoff on larger screen resolutions, fade the right left and bottom edges of your image to the background color of your Twitter profile page. You can choose your twitter Profile page background color under the navigation settings/design.

• 1600x1015 is the suggested size for your background image. This size is already setup using the bg1 or bg2 layer in the attached photoshop file. 

• Utilize the gutters of your profile page for specific information or branding you want your users to see. Use the "Guide Information" layer comp in the photoshop file attached to see the suggested area to place content. 

• Create a seamless background and header image using the "bg1 - lined up header/background" layer comp in the photoshop file. To add your own background, edit the "bg1" layer smart object and export a .png or .jpeg from within that smart object. To export the lined up header image, choose save for web from within that same smart object and export the selected slice.  

• Make sure your background image is under 800k or you will not be able to upload it.  

*note: Remember, background images are only available when customers and users visitis your profile on Desktop/Laptop. The majority of users visit through their mobile devices and tablets -- in which case only the header image will appear. Here's a helpful page with additional information:



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