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Branding in the age of social media

Required reading this week at FreshNetworks has been this great presentation from Mike Trap on what he calls 'scalable intimacy', the intersection between branding and social media.

For Trap a brand is not the stimulus, but the collective emotional response to this. In other words, a brand is not defined by the product or service, but rather it is defined by everybody who uses, talks about and interacts with it. This is reflected very much in the shift we're seeing in marketing and advertising, from a (false) assumption that people are defined by the brands they use, to an understanding that brands are defined by the people who use them. Even though I have been known to shop there, I am not defined by Abercrombie and Fitch, rather they are defined by me, they are part of my personal brand and mingle and mix with other brands (such as Virgin Atlantic, Apple and many others). Brands are not composed of the people who buy their product, rather people are composed of the brands they use.

Understanding this is a powerful stage. As Trap suggests it means that the conversations and discussions that consumers have about a brand are of critical importance. It is here that the brand is defined and that influence and word of mouth grows. Social media allows brands to really capitalise upon this. Not only does it allow more of these conversations to go on, and more people to be reached by them, it also means that brands can facilitate and join in these conversations.

This is why online communities are important and really allow brands to engage with their customers in the way their customers have always wanted them to.

See Trap's presentation below for more of his thoughts on this. It's best viewed with the audio on.

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  • Jan 18 Posted 6 years ago Kirill Storch (not verified)

    Cool I definitely feel like you answered a lot of my questions. However I see the focus here on syndication and outreach, but is there something to be said for visual design for your personal profiles? I for one find FBs template to be so boring, and twitter (even custom) not worth it. Are there free graphic design tools online to build a branding look for yourself. I tried MAGNET, and the .ME series but they didnt work. I also tried


    Which was a cool starting point but could use more suggestions. 

  • Feb 16 Posted 8 years ago BrandonRAllen Focusing on who are customers are and the collective emotional response regarding our customers and products is a vital concept to understand today.  There a lot of businesses that are still missing out on this. 

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