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Brandwatch Reveals Data Visualization for Social Media Week

Social Media Week is well under way today and even though there isn't much happening here in Scotland, us penguins will still be monitoring the conversations around the globe at over 2500 events across five continents that are scheduled this week.

Helping to guide us towards the hot topics, biggest influencers, and top events around the globe is Brandwatch with a brand new dataviz that allows you to monitor hashtags, @usernames and tweets from Social Media Week via data visualisation. It looks pretty amazing too.

social media week

Brandwatch said, "Each Social Media Week city is represented by its tallest building, creating a visual spectacle in the form of a tallest building bar graph, pitching each city against each other in a mentions battle."

This is genius! Surely this will get more people tweeting and battling for the top space. Remember, keep it worthy and not just post any random stuff just to gain that title. What do you think?

Brandwatch also go on to say, "Below the multi city skyline, we have two leader boards: the first for Social Media Week's top hashtag, the second for top tweeter, revealing the influencers behind SMW13. By clicking on each city's icon, you can drill down into the data to reveal the runners and riders on a city level. You will also gain valuable pub quiz knowledge with our facts on the world’s tallest buildings."

There's so much you can do with this data if you're participating in Social Media Week and I love the pub quiz facts too. Such a great way to keep you engaged.

If you want your event to get involved, tweet your event hashtag to be featured on the leader board. @Brandwatch will be crediting leaders everyday on their Twitter account. If you don't make the top spot today, not to worry as everything gets reset for the next day so you have another chance to make the leader board. Keep tweeting!

Click here to enter the dataviz:

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