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Broadcast Marketing Is Dead [VIDEO]

It’s the greatest irony in marketing — none of us likes to have blatant advertising messages broadcast down our throats. Yet it’s so easy to forget when it’s our turn to market to our prospective customers.  

The promise of all the social technologies out there is to build the type of engagement that creates trust, loyalty, and deep knowledge about a product or industry.  But in order to deliver on that promise, we all have to start marketing like the people we want to be treated as — by ditching the marketing megaphone in favor of something better....a conversation. 

Michael Fauscette, IDC analyst and customer experience thought leader, explains how today’s customers expect to be engaged with, and what businesses can do to meet their needs in the video below. This video is the fourth in Get Satisfaction’s Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce Series. You can learn more about the series and watch the rest of the videos by starting here

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  • Jan 8 Posted 1 year ago j swinfen green

    Pur-leeze! This sort of headline makes me want to weep. It simply isn't true. There is masses of evidence that broadcast marketing can be highly effective. Why does social media have to be seen as a replacement for existing channels? It is much more important to think about how different marketing opportunities can be integrated using the different strenngths that each medium has. (I haven't watched the video because I was so irritated by the headline.)

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