Build Your Brand, and Your Website, with Wordpress

Craig Allen
Craig Allen Owner and Social Media Manager, Socially Acceptable

Posted on November 26th 2012

Build Your Brand, and Your Website, with Wordpress

Being in the corporate realm, and working with the various Content Management Systems that proclaim to the best for the corporate sector, I can honestly say that Wordpress blows them all away in ease of use and performance. I do a lot freelancing on the side, and always incorporate Wordpress as the Content Management System for my clients. There are so many great features on the platform that it is hard to pinpoint one, so I am going to share a few that are important to me and the businesses I develop websites for.

First, is the ease of developing content, and we all know blogging is a must for developing content on your website, as well as, increasing your SEO. With Wordpress you are able to develop a website and a blog all on one platform. This keeps your brand and message consistent, and most importantly, it keeps people and customers on your website. You do not have to send them to a separate blogging platform to see your latest news, they stay on your website the entire time which may lead to users exploring other areas of your website which can also lead to new business.

Next, the social features of the platform are remarkable. Developers are constantly rolling out new plugins to help brands reach a wider range of their market on various social media platforms. In addition, the newly released Facebook plugin is quite impressive allowing for developers to easily incorporate popular and desired features such as, Facebook Comments and the Recommendations Bar. The Facebook plugin, furthermore, is a phenomenal tool for keeping all your posts visible to your subscribers and getting those year old posts read again. Additionally, keeping content on your website fresh is extremely easy with the various Twitter plugins available to incorporate in your website.

Finally, to put it simple, Wordpress is just easy to use. Users are able to create blog posts and pages in a very similar manner, and the learning curve is very small. With the platform being completely web-based, individuals unfamiliar with developing and updating websites never have to worry about unfamiliar website tools like FTP client or purchasing expensive software like Dreamweaver. Wordpress is a perfect match for the web developer, designer and the user.

Craig Allen

Craig Allen

Owner and Social Media Manager, Socially Acceptable

I am very fortunate to have the family I do. My mom and dad are great parents who gave me the opportunities to be successful, even when I did not deserve them. My dad, who passed away from cancer; is my idol, his work ethic was unreal, and he overcame so much in his lifetime.

Next, I am blessed to have Laura as my wife. She allows me to work on my goals as a professional, and is very supportive in everything I do. She is my best friend and my best times are spent with her. We have two wonderful children. They amaze me everyday in their development. I only hope that I can give them the same opportunities my parents gave me.

Finally, there are few people in life that get to do what they love everyday - and fortunately, God has given me that chance. I am a small business owner and my company, Socially Acceptable, allows me to help other businesses grow and develop customer loyalty through social media management. There is great joy in seeing other businesses succeed and reach their goals through my company's assistance and strategies.

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Kent Ong
Posted on November 26th 2012 at 10:30PM

Hi Craig, Wordpress is one of them, joomla is very powerful as well to build  a website and a brand. They even simplifiy the joomla CMS to make it even more powerful and easy to use.

Craig Allen
Posted on November 27th 2012 at 8:17AM

Kent, I agree Joomla is another option. And, it is probably just as good as Wordpress... Just not for me. I have a lot of friends who prefer Joomla over Wordpress which causes some pretty heated conversations, but I just like look and feel of Wordpress better.