Building a Brand? The Secret to Great Facebook Graphics

Warren Knight
Warren Knight Founder, Social Media eLearning

Posted on May 24th 2014

Building a Brand? The Secret to Great Facebook Graphics

Building a Brand? The Secret to Great Facebook Graphics

As we all know, images when shared on social media hold so much power and when done right, it can really help your business grow its online exposure. More than 60% of social media is made up of pictures and this is because people are seeing how powerful a great graphic can be. When it comes to Facebook graphics, here are a few secrets to help you get the best performance out of your images.

1. Brand Assets

By brand assets I mean logo’s or product photos. It is important that you have various images of your products and a logo for your business as people won’t trust your company if you don’t have assets to back up your content. Doing an image stock check will allow you to see what images you have available to use when planning your visual strategy.

2. Voice and Visual Style

When it comes to your online voice and visual style, you really need to know who your target market to define what your customer wants from you visually. Is your brand mature, conservative or humorous? You need to know your visual style so that the images you are posting have the best possible chance of being shared via social.

3. Use Grids or Frames

When it comes to the images you are posting, you need to think about whether you are going to use a grid layout or a frame. Photo’s should be contained in one of the other so that your design has a more professional appearance and design order.

4. Filters

Filters are not just for #selfies. Well known brands on social media use filters to improve an images quality and to give a unique effect. Make sure that if you are going to use filters, that you chose one appropriate for your audience and not one that is just flashy and irrelevant to the image.

5. Be Creative

I say this time and time again because it is so important to be creative when it comes to social media and images. There is nothing worse than boring pictures because they won’t connect with your audience. Display your products in a unique way to give you a creative edge.

I am a huge advocate of photo editing tools and have always used PicMonkey until now. I have come across an even better, completely free of charge image editing tool that really is amazing. If you want to give your images that extra boost online, check out Canva.

Warren Knight

Warren Knight

Founder, Social Media eLearning

For the last seven years I've specialised in helping business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs sell more products and services, through the convergence of Social Media, Digital Marketing and eCommerce. Delivering dynamic and engaging webinars, workshops and seminars on Digital Marketing & eCommerce and Business Growth through Investment and funding.

My entrepreneurial skills started after receiving a grant from the Prince's Trust at 22 for a music and clothing European Distribution Company. Focusing on business growth I became the director of a global stationary and accessory business working with Disney and Nickelodeon, growing a licensee from $5Million to $30Million selling to over 40 countries in a 5-year period achieving $1 Million sales in 1 month.

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I have over 20 years' experience in marketing and selling products and services globally and seven years in social media and ecommerce. I’m a member of the Professional Speaking Association, a renowned international keynote speaker, trainer and coach, helping 1,000’s of Start Ups and SME's grow using Social Media, Digital Marketing and eCommerce.

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