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Business 3.0 Ap for Social Networks

Business 3.0From Personal Profiles to Business Profiles: It is about time!

Business 3.0 was created by Mike Zeuthen and Jason Ward. Mike Zeuthen wanted his business, Under Pressure, on Facebook to sell his target market.

Facebook didn't allow it, so Mike and Jason made it happen.  Business 3.0 is the end product of four months of planning and development.

Business 3.0 was created with business and Facebook user in mind. Business 3.0 profiles are easy to set up and trouble-free to maintain. With Business 3.0 businesses can create a profile to fit their business needs on Facebook.

Business 3.0 is the first and only business profile administrator on Facebook. With new techniques to target Facebook users with advertising and the ability to sell products on Facebook, Business 3.0 instantly allows any business to sell more products faster than ever!

Business 3.0 wants to keep the Facebook experience wonderful while allowing businesses to have profiles.

Business 3.0 will never allow businesses to use mailers, spam, or any other method to attract users to they profile.

Protection of every Facebook user is top priority for Business 3.0.

Business 3.0 profiles cannot view Facebook profiles and Facebook users will not be seen on Business 2.0 profiles. Facebook users can add businesses as friends for their friends to see.

Business 3.0 has two major roles. First, allowing businesses to have profiles. Secondly, Facebook users can search for a particular business or products from the Business 2.0 application. Adding this application, Facebook users have ability to search quickly to the business profile they're looking for.

Business 3.0 Facts

  1. Business 3.0 easily connects businesses with Facebook's 40 million users.
  2. Business 3.0 effectively links businesses with their targeted market demographic, and consumers with companies that they are interested in doing business with.
  3. Business 3.0 saves businesses time and money with its easy-to-use interface
  4. Business 3.0 effectively protects the privacy of businesses, business employees, and customers.
  5. Business 3.0 profiles will not show friends on their profiles.
  6. Business 3.0 promotes organic growth, for customers and businesses using Facebook's social graph.
  7. Businesses can increase their user base with advertising, and their own network of friends. Customers can locate businesses of interest with Business 2.0's search function, while enjoying protection from spam.
  8. Business 3.0 seamlessly integrates into the Facebook Platform.
  9. Business 3.0 makes online shopping a fun social experience - adding even more to the Facebook experience.
  10. Business 3.0 makes online shopping effective, convenient and fast. It saves customer information the first time it is entered, and uses it instantly for every purchase thereafter.

Business 3.0 is for everyone!

  1. Sell products in specific clubs (Car parts, music, makeup, etc.)
  2. Mom and Pop shops to Forutne 500 Companies
  3. Small vendors who want to increase sales (Saturday Market, Farmers Market, etc.)
  4. Any online business

This one application could change the rules of the game for the medium of social networking. It represents a small applications with BIG implications. A small developer moving faster than the BIG. It represents just another “link” in place to usher in The Relationship Economy.

Click here to register for the application and start selling: Business 3.0

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