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Business Takeaways from Facebook's f8 Conference


So, what’s up at Facebook? Facebook finished April with a bang when it held its f8 Developer Conference for Facebook app publishers in San Francisco on April 30. In the course of the day, we learned about several developments that will become important for any business looking to build or maintain an app for Facebook. Here are the most important developments for app publishers:

What’s up at Facebook? Facebook Audience Network

Described by the network as a “new way for advertisers to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook,” the new Audience Network will allow businesses to expand their interactive Facebook campaigns onto various mobile apps.

Targeting options and measurement tools remain the same, which should make for a seamless transition for any business already taking advantage of advertising within the network. Facebook noted that the rollout for its Audience Network would begin with advertisers looking to drive app installs, but a more varied field of options should soon be available.

Increased User Anonymity

Facebook announced the launch of anonymous logins as well as a new option for users to pick and choose which information they want to share with app publishers. Furthermore, publishers will no longer be able to access its users’ friend lists.

This decreases the information available to advertisers, but also the responsibility of businesses to keep that information private. While some marketers may bemoan the loss of information, the risk for a security leak that could bring with it enormous ethical and public relations difficulties will also decrease.

Like Button for iOS

App publishers will now be able to integrate a like button on iOS-based apps, enabling users to share their approval of certain parts of the app with their friends. A similar development for Android devices is in the pipeline.

App Links

With the integration of App Links, publishers will be able to link to specific aspects within their apps – allowing for more specific, seamless deep linking between various apps.

App Insights

Facebook simplified its insights for apps, increasing the possibilities for segmenting and data slicing. According to the network, users can now “segment your App Events users by OS, device type, language and country.”

Of course, there were many more takeaways from the f8 Conference, and you can find them all on Facebook’s developers blog. How will these changes impact your business and Facebook strategy?

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