Businesses Working Hard to Make Their Customer Loathe Them

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Posted on April 13th 2012

Businesses Working Hard to Make Their Customer Loathe Them

ImageIn the race when businesses are striving to make their customers love their products/services and to keep the customers coming back to them again, there are some companies that are actually working to make their customers loathe them.

Although the thought sounds funny that why would any one try to do this? After all in terms of internet marketing driving traffic and then converting this traffic into customers is goal of every online business owner. However, I have seen many website that actually make their visitor hate them and compel them go back to search pages as soon a person come across their website intentionally or unintentionally. So are you in the same queue? Check it through the tick list below.


Qualities of Businesses trying to make their customers hate them

  1. Mindless Ad Placement: Gratuitous placing of advertisement is the best tactic used by these businesses who try to make their customer hate them. These businesses use this necessary evil to distract and turn-off their readers. They ensure that these advertisements are placed too close to their site navigation which causes accidental clicks and force the visitors to leave their page — unintentionally, that result in frustration. You can also detect them by observing too many ads above the fold. This causes their readers wade more before reaching the core of website and the real content.
  1. Priority to Third Party Content: These websites are in love with third party content and give preference to widgets,AJAXformat content and such other tools to decrease their perceived load time, which frustrate the visitors and make them leave the website.
  1. Caring for Contrast: There biggest trick is to simply use bad contrast. Ofcourse all are well aware of the fact that no one stays on a site that is not readable, so they use this powerful tool for distracting the reader’s attention and making the interface even harder to view for visitor with eyesight problems. Moreover, they just follow one resolution size and never care about variety of screen resolution on which sites may be viewed.
  1. Navigation always work: Poor navigation is their key that always works for driving the traffic away from the website. Just as no one stays on a webpage that is difficult to see, visitors also don’t stay on a website they can’t navigate. The business owner who wants their customers to hate them ensures that navigation is not prominent, unclear and complicated to access. They love drop-down menus as drop-downs are inaccessible through touch devices, ultimately this frustrate the visitors and make them click back to search engines.
  1. Message is always obscure: Such businesses love to confuse their visitors. To earn the red flag they make it certain that the new visitor keep hunting down the information to know the real meaning of that particular brand.  Unobvious and clearly confusing design and content is chief feature of such websites. You will surely never find tour or feature pages on such websites. The content would be poorly organized and not supplemented to confuse the visitors more.
  1. Surely More Distractions: If the above all is not enough for them and few visitors still stay on their site without any good reason, they generate some more distractions which include animations, fly-outs and disruptive audio-ads.

Pop-ups with the text, live-chat representative interruptions and interstitial ads are their favorite and prominent part of such websites. The visitor feel insulted, as they cannot use the site for anticipated purpose, resulting in hating the site and going away to the competitors.

Are you by any chance thinking that you have also done one or few of these things with your website visitors and this some how bring you in the same list of “businesses who make their visitors hate them”? You want to quit the queue! Then simply do the OPPOSITE of the above list, a few smart changes in to website design can surely make your customers love you and keep them coming back to you.


About the Author: DaniZehra is an SEO with a Phoenix Web Design and SEO company, which has been working with a mission to help clients create and employee highly effective digital strategy. We are one stop IT shop providing all 8 essential components for our clients business exposure including effective SEO strategies, interactive Website design and Development.

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