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Buzzwords Decoded: Ten Social Media Terms To Know

Whether you want to get smart or sound cool, here's what ten commonly used social media buzzwords mean in layman's terms.  What other jargon is your digital agency (or, more likely, your 14 year-old) throwing your way?

1.  Social Graph: A visual representation of the different connections that an individual has within a larger social network.    Click here to learn more.

2. Social CRM: A process to monitor, engage and manage conversations and relationships with existing and prospective customers and influencers across the internet, social networks, and digital channels.  Click here to learn more.

3. Geo targeting: In geomarketing and internet marketing, the method of determining the physical location of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location.   Click here to learn more.

4. Blogroll: A list of sites displayed in the sidebar of blog, showing who the blogger reads regularly.  Click here to learn more.

5. Crowdsourcing: Harnessing the skills and enthusiasm of those outside an organization who are prepared to volunteer their time contributing content and solving problems.  Click here to learn more.

6.  Glocal: Refers to the social media management approach used by organizations looking to “think globally and act locally” when crafting and executing a social media strategy.  Click here to learn more.

7. Social Search: Combines traditional search algorithm methods with information gleaned from social networking sites to determine which results would be most applicable to the user.  Click here to learn more.

8. Blogosphere: Refers to a “network” all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community (or as a collection of connected communities). Click here to learn more.

9.  Social Media Optimization: Making your content (ex: whitepapers, press releases, commercials) portable to that users can share it with friends.  Click here to learn more.

10. White Label: A web tool, platform, or program that someone else built but will let you customize.  KickApps is a good example of a white label social network — they've built the basic functionality, but you can tailor the community for your brand without the expense of building a new network from scratch.

What buzzwords would you add to this list?

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  • Dec 9 Posted 6 years ago Brett Widmann (not verified)

    This is a really useful article. I knew what most of these were but there were a couple I did not. Thanks for sharing.

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