Can We Create Something Else Like the Super Bowl?

Bilal Jaffery Senior Director, Digital and Social , Extreme Networks

Posted on February 3rd 2013

Can We Create Something Else Like the Super Bowl?

As you might have noticed from my few new year posts, I’ve been pondering and advocating my network to think strategically and critically about the state of social, the state of traditional media and the state of web and what it means for us in the coming few years.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Seth Godin has raised a very bright point in around media and its role in his post.

Our digitally connected world is now very personal and distastes anything and everything ‘mass.’ Most of what we consume as a society today has been directed and crafted through the use of mass mediums like TV, Print and Radio. And this mass medium strategy has worked marvelously in influencing our preferences, likes, dislikes, culture and ultimately our choices — specially during the industrial era when there were no alternatives.

These days, we live in a 4 screen world where TV, PC, mobile and tablet experiences co-exist together. Ironically, 3 of those screens are very personal, interactive and custom to our preferences and socially enabled experiences. The experience of our web medium is vastly different from the experience of a broadcast medium.

Multi Screen World

Marshall McLuhan predicted the Internet as an “extension of consciousness” in The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man thirty years before its commercialization. He stated, The next medium, whatever it is – it may be the extension of consciousness – will include television as its content, not as its environment.

So the question is, Can we or Do we have the ability to re-create another Super Bowl like event for another 50 10 years in a different sport (or commercially backed and supported activity)?



Bilal Jaffery

Senior Director, Digital and Social , Extreme Networks

Bilal is Senior Director, Digital at Extreme Networks. An award-winning industry recognized strategist with a 10 year track record in successful digital transformation of top tier brands like IBM and Bell and Extreme Networks. Led IBM's Digital, Social Media and Community Strategy to save $100m/year. Led Bell's first ever enterprise digital and social strategy to support B2B and B2C units across Marketing, Support, PR, Brand, Web & Corporate Strategy functions. 

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