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Can You Name 3 Reasons I Should Give A Rip About Your Facebook Business Page?

So have you had enough hype and complaining on the issues with the new Facebook timeline for business pages?  The complaints have consumed the social waves.  From people complaining about the lack of landing tabs, lost control, poor resolution of cover images to inability to send messages to people who have liked your page.

like me Can You Name 3 Reasons I Should Give a Rip About Your Facebook Business Page?

 If you are having major anxiety over the latest changes with the Facebook Timeline Business Pages then you need to do a serious sanity check on your online strategy.  As I wrote in this post, the problem may very well not be the technical and platform changes of the blue and white platform you do not own (Facebook) but the fact you have put all of your social eggs in one basket.

Evolution and change in technology is inevitable. We don’t own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest.  We borrow them. We are both their product and their customers. The owners of the social networks can do whatever they like with their platforms. They are in business to make money and the sooner you can accept that the better you can get on with your own integrated online and offline marketing strategy and drive results.

If you are concerned with the technical aspects of the changes for the Facebook Timeline business pages then check out this post  ”15 Must Know Tips to Rock Your New Facebook Timeline Business Page” which even includes a free template for the new Facebook Timeline cover image in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator formats.

iStock 000005685623XSmall Can You Name 3 Reasons I Should Give a Rip About Your Facebook Business Page? However, after you adopt the technical specifics of the new Facebook timeline page you are still going to have the same challenges and/or problems as you did before. The same questions are going to come up over and over again in social circles.

  • Why won’t people talk to me?
  • Why do they like my page and never come back?
  • Why won’t they share my content?
  • Why won’t they opt-in to my email list?
  • How do I get them to convert to a real sale?
  • How do I see any type of business benefit from Facebook?

I have one question for you related to this post. You are not required to answer it now. I want you to think about it, and come back and answer it within the next week.

Question: Can you name three reasons why someone should like your Facebook business page?

  • Why should they like it?
  • iStock 000014041149Small1 300x239 Can You Name 3 Reasons I Should Give a Rip About Your Facebook Business Page? Why and what can you provide to them that they can’t get on 500 other Facebook pages?
  • Why should they do anything more than like your page and never visit again?
  • Why should they comment?
  • Why should they like the page?
  • Why should they share your content with their community?
  • Why should they click on any of the apps tabs?
  • Why should they subscribe to your email list?
  • Why should they trust you with their email to download your whitepaper?
  • Why should they enagage with others in your community?
  • Why should they enter your promotion or contest?
  • Why should they watch your video?
  • Why should they follow you on Twitter, Pinterest or connect with you on Linkedin?
  • Why should they click thru to your blog?
  • Why should they subscribe to your RSS feed?
  • Why should they circle you on Google+?
  • Why should they retweet your content?
  • Why should they subscribe to your personal Facebook posts?
  • Why should they think you and your products or services are relevant to their life or business?
  • Why should they believe you have anything unique to offer them that they can’t get for free elsewhere?
  • Why should they care you exist?
  • Why should they care your brand exists?
  • Why should they give you a second thought after the first?

If you can not clearly articulate three reasons someone should like your page, then I can guarantee the chances of them doing anything that is noted on the list above are few and far between.

What You Say? 

So tell me, can you name the three things? Why should I or anyone else like your page? Why should your target market like your page? Why should they care it exists? How are you going to be different? How are you going to inspire them to do anything but move on to the next page, tweet, blog post or pin on Pinterest?

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  • JenLovisa's picture
    Apr 9 Posted 5 years ago JenLovisa

    GREAT article Pam!! I mentioned it in my latest blog post.

  • FeldmanCreative's picture
    Apr 8 Posted 5 years ago FeldmanCreative

    Okay... killer question Pam. Sometimes you have to push to get companies to have the dog do the tail wagging, that is, forge a objective and strategy before taking action.

    My objective: interest small business owners and managers into contacting me to discuss their online marketing needs.

    My strategy: offer a steady stream of content to demonstrate my experience with and command of the most effective online marketing strategies and tools.

    So, much like for my website, you should visit and like my facebook page [] because:

    1) You will find content that I have reviewed or created to help you understand and apply the principles which will help make you a more effective online marketer.

    2) You can find my blog feed there, which contains a steady stream of articles on, interviews about, and examples of how companies like yours are gaining momentum and loyal customers by sharpening their website and engaging customers with valuable content.

    3) You will connect not just with me, but with many like-minded business leaders and practitioners who are charting the course to success by building online communities that impact and benefit many.   




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