Changes on Twitter: B2B Social Media Lead Generation

Posted on May 29th 2013

Changes on Twitter: B2B Social Media Lead Generation

Very interesting development came out of Twitter HQ last week. In a blog post, Twitter Product Manager Mitali Pattnaik introduced the Lead Generation Card as one solution amongst the Twitter Cards suite.twitter-1

With the Lead Generation Card introduction, it marks one of Twitter’s initial forays into social lead generation as a part of their product roadmap. To date, Twitter’s featureset has been heavily focused on their end user and satisfying the desires of the most popular brands that are often on the B2C side.

The Lead Generation Card allows companies to acquire email addresses from their fans in a highly frictionless manner. As Michael Learmonth of AdAge explained, Twitter basically just removed the unnecessary layer of complexity we call a landing page. What took multiple clicks and multiple inputs before has now been boiled down to just one click. Props to the Twitter team for making it as easy as possible.

To date, brands have had a difficult time determining the commonalities between their email database and their twitter fanbase. This is one step in the right direction.

More than anything, it’s great to see Twitter acknowledge their platform as an excellent source for social lead gen. At this stage in 2013, not enough B2B marketers have invested heavily in the platform, but that’s about to change.

As Matt McGee of Marketing Land noted a couple months back, Twitter is promoting the impact tweets can have on B2B tech audiences. Twitter released a number of B2B-friendly statistics:

  • 59 percent of Twitter users visited a B2B tech site during the study period, compared to 40 percent of average Internet users
  • 30 percent of Twitter users search for B2B tech brands, compared to 12 percent of average Internet users

If Twitter continues to make improvements like this one and social lead gen software solutions like Insightpool continue to emerge, B2B marketers will start to dedicate more time to the platform sooner than later.

Adam Wexler

Adam Wexler

Founder, Insightpool

Adam Wexler is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Insightpool, The Leader in Social Engagement Optimization. Fortune 500 brands like The Home Depot, UPS and A&E Networks use the software to deliver 'sincerity at scale' through social drip marketing techniques. 

Insightpool was spawned from the creative social media marketing tactics Wexler employed on his prior startup, GoRankem, where they sought to reach a wide audience on a non-existent marketing budget (outside of being the first successful startup to successfully raise money via Kickstarter's crowdfunding platform).

Over the years, Wexler has been invited to speak in front of thousands of students and event attendees about social media and entrepreneurship. At different times, Adam has also been the voice behind numerous brands on social media including Sprite, NCAA March Madness and the band Cracker.

Wexler graduated from The University of Georgia with a focus in Leadership studies.

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