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The Changing Face of Link Building

Moz came out with the results of The New Link Building Survey 2014, so of course it’s interesting because it’s the feedback from 315 people who are actively involved in link building as part of their job. Link building is going through some changes since Google has made it clear the “wrong” kind will get you penalized. The trick is figuring out what the “right” kind is, and that is indeed tricky, but it isn’t impossible.

Here are a few highlights from the survey:

  • more businesses are spending $10 to $50k a month on link building (including content projects) — 37% instead of 2013′s 11%
  • overall, 81% have increased their spending on link building
  • increased costs are related to moving away from old style link building and production/creativity
  • content and outreach is utilized most often and considered most effective
  • article directories are considered least effective
  • paid links and article directories tied in most votes for harmful tactics

As always, the comments section is the place that gives the most insights. This is because people agree or disagree and say exactly why they have that opinion.

The Right Kind of Link Building

You know your business and your customer, and the links you have built into your site should be links that are useful to that customer. I think (and I’m not the only one who thinks this) that there’s limited value in building links for SEO purposes if that’s the only reason the link is there. In fact, those types of links are how Google finds spammy content and the reason this debate is alive.

The right kind of link building is creating content and connections to content that are valuable to the reader. Some folks suggest that you build links as if Google didn’t exist — because good links will be used by your readers anyway and that word-of-mouth effect starts happening. Links are still an essential part of your internet marketing strategy, but those links have to be worth building.

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Join The Conversation

  • karmatech's picture
    Aug 9 Posted 2 years ago karmatech

    Link building was not only the technique to rank up website for perticular keywords. It was only the substitute or gray hat technique. Now Google strictly monitoring such technques with advanced algoritmic changes. Currently we skipped this perticular strategy and started focussing on marketing our well researched content . Link earned in this way are most benificial. We need to monitor negative links in case your competitors are doing bad linking for you. 

  • Stephen G. Barr's picture
    Aug 8 Posted 2 years ago Stephen G. Barr

    Thank you for your article. I have long ago given up trying do do anything in order to conform to Google's ever changing SEO algorithm which has proven itself to be an exercise in futility.

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