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Comcast and Twitter: How Much is it Really About Customers?

Raise your hand if you haven't heard about how Comcast is doing a great job using Twitter for customer service. Chances are, there probably aren't a lot of hands up because Comcast has gotten lots of great press because of Comcastcares.

The problem is that, while I'm sure Frank Eliason truly does care about customer satisfaction, the rest of Comcast's customer service team apparently doesn't share those same values. Or, at least, customer service still seems to suck as badly as ever in spite of Comcast's Twitter efforts.

Here's the thing: Comcast gets great marks for their use of Twitter for customer service--but is that what social media is supposed to be about? Getting positive buzz for your company or actually providing better service to customers?

The problem remains that social media tools don't have the power to magically transform legions of apathetic employees and clock-punchers into avid brand enthusiasts devoted to doing the best job possible, 24/7, because it's personally meaningful to them. People seem to overlook the reality that while there's plenty of glitz and glamour for social media "rockstars," customer service is still a crappy job with no perks like speaking engagements, lucrative consulting opportunities or mass adoration. In other words, guys like Frank Eliason have plenty of reasons to strive to give great service; what incentive is there for the faceless thousands of customer service reps who aren't being highlighted in Business Week or the Wall Street Journal?
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  • Nov 23 Posted 7 years ago MaraLewis The way I see it, Customer Service is about accessibility. If I have an issue or want to make my voice heard, I will judge strong customer service on how many (or how few) hoops I have to jump through before I find someone within the company to listen & respond. I would argue that Comcast is the easiest company there is to have a rich conversation with.

    Many companies make it an impossible challenge for their customers to locate a direct email address or communication channel that will bring them to a responsive customer service person. What @ComcastCares (and Frank) does with massive success if make it easy for customers to get their voices heard and communicate openly with other customers who may be experiencing the same issues. This in turn allows Comcast to pin-point the most prevalent issues to fix them on a deeper scale.

    While it is unrealistic to believe that every single problem or customer concern can be solved by Frank himself, I don't believe that's the primary goal of @ComcastCares. The benefit of this forum is giving customers, such as myself, access to someone real within this enormous corporation that is the Comcast enterprise.

    @ComcastCares gets the buzz and acknowledgment it does because it is truly unique and innovative. Frank was one of the very first people in the customer care industry to take action in this space and employ social media on this great a scale for the purpose of customer conversation. He tried something new, and potentially risky, and in turn spawned a new generation of corporate transparency and customer engagement for Comcast. I believe that Frank and his team deserve every bit of credit they have received. They have set the bar for a new precedent in customer service via social media.
  • Nov 23 Posted 7 years ago kavitha Very nice post



  • Nov 22 Posted 7 years ago MistressMia I hear you but I'm sure that all the people who either did or did not raise their hands didn't wake up this morning expecting their Telco became a customer service genie overnight.  I celebrate the fact that Comcast cares at all to engage with customers through Twitter - they are early corporate users of these tools and the tools didn't come with an ettiquette handbook. The flip side of this of course is that Comcast's customers are using social media unrestricted by social media policies or legal and will make themselves heard positive or negatively - no one has an excuse for not getting customer service satisfaction if they can type or pick up the phone ... so you don't like the rep you get ... hang up and try again or in the case of Twitter a lynch mob is easy to find.

    As for feeling sorry for faceless customer service reps? Any one who wants to do something in social media can do so if they choose. I would hope corporates are choosing to recruit people that live and love social media ... surely they are no longer hard to find. I use social media to build relationships, to build trust, to gain referrals, to ultimately get work and get paid.The social customer service reps are being paid to tweet ... I'd love that job ... and as a bonus customers can only complain 140 characters at a time ;-)

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