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Coming to a Pinterest Near You

Pinterest is upgrading – and it could mean big things to come for social media sites. All the features haven’t rolled out yet, but they’re on their way. Here are some forthcoming changes to watch out for:


  1. Brand partnerships are coming to Pinterest. No more confusing paths or broken links to get more information. If you’re looking to buy a product, the pin will tell you the price, availability and locations. Before watching a movie, you’ll be able to check Pinterest for ratings and cast lists. Pins about food will tell you the cook time, ingredients and servings. An icon below the picture will tell you whether more information is available directly on the pin.
  2. The platform is also releasing new features for mobile that allow users to pin from other apps. Etsy, Fotopedia and Jetsetter are among the first apps that will feature the “pin it” button. (Up to now, you could pin from other websites on your desktop – but not mobile.)
  3. The site has finally solved the problem of sending pins to friends. No more awkward off-site emailing to share pins! Users can now send pins to their fellow pinners with a message, and will get notified if the other user comments, likes or repins This feature will slowly roll out to users over the next few weeks.

So what do these changes mean for users and brands? In short, they add up to the emergence of Pinterest as a prominent e-commerce site. Partnership with brands allows Pinterest to be a greater part of the shopping or advertising experience. While advertisements for products on Facebook can be intrusive and disruptive, pins of products give many Pinterest users just what they’re looking for. 

With the increasing profits from mobile advertising, companies will also look to Pinterest as a platform to take advantage of on mobile. Sharing is especially important for brands. Many of the best advocates for a brand are the users who constantly share with friends or write about a brand on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Brands need to take notice of these new changes and think about adjusting their marketing plans or consulting a social media agency. If used right, these changes mean big things for your business.

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