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Conducting Social Media Analysis

Learn how to conduct more successful analysis from six (6) industry leading experts and an industry survey on the current practices and challenges faced by voice of the customer and research industry. 

We posed the following questions:

  • What are the challenges in analyzing content?

  • What are the common practices and difficulties in processing and understanding this data?

  • To what extent is human analysis involved and why?

Key findings included:

  •   Respondents regularly performed manual analysis of this content regardless of their use or reliance upon listening platforms and insight tools.

  •   Their need for manual analysis was primarily driven from their concern over the accuracy of their current tools for insights.

  •   Traditional positive, negative and neutral sentiment is becoming insufficient for their need to uncover meaningful consumer insights.

  •   The most difficult part of their tasks was in the problem of too much to read and separating the signal from the noise in their data.

The eBook also includes expert advice from leading social media executives from Emoderation, LiveWorld, Tracx and Way to Blue. Download your copy now to learn more about getting to the heart of your customer’s story faster.


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