Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Facebook as a Dating Site

Posted on March 24th 2012

Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Facebook as a Dating Site

Creating a dating platform on Facebook would most likely creep some people out, even though the entire system is basically in place. Facebook recommends who your friends should be, knows what you like, and markets what you are interested in to you. Why not use it for formal dating if we creep on the opposite sex all the time anyway?

You’ve already found your best friend’s cousin on it, and private messaged her, and pretend that you don’t know her when you see each other for block parties. So why not ask the girl on a date digitally?! Get real dude – if you have to hide behind your computer screen for a few hours drooling over the girl, and you talk to her till the wee hours of the morning, she’s already somewhat into you.

So grow up and make a move. I’m sure there are a lot more people on Facebook who are single and trying to date someone who ALSO have Facebook, than any other dating site out there, or all of them combined.  

If a platform was created, and the whole idea was introduced as something sociallyImage acceptable, Facebook could take the entire online dating world to a new level, and make another trillion dollars so Mr. Z could finally swim in a pool filled of gold coins like Uncle Scrooge on Duck Tales.

It would make dating so much more comfortable, knowing someone and being able to use Timeline to see what has panned out in their life is a true testament to someone’s character. It would cut through the red tape of knowing someone’s family, and friends, and would have less stringent contact rules than other dating sites. I think it would be pretty sweet; I also think I should get royalties on my genius idea.

So you might be wondering since I’m championing this idea, if I might be interested in these services? Truth is, my social calendar makes me more impossible to get in touch with Paris Hilton when she’s in jail, and you’re not my type. Duh.

‘Cause we are living in a digital world and I’m a social media girl. XB

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