Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Hey Twitter, Put Your Big Boy Pants On

Posted on April 23rd 2012

Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Hey Twitter, Put Your Big Boy Pants On

After a seemingly endless 48-hour marathon weekend filled with debauchery and incoherent Tweeting, I was looking forward to logging in on Monday morning to read through the few thousand Tweets on my Twitter feed. I logged into Gmail, Facebook, Pinterest and then attempted to access my Twitter, and wouldn’t you know- I was denied. Maybe it’s the Monday morning blues, but this bump in the road really set me off.

Twitter Gods, I don’t care how cute the little cartoon whale is explaining that you are “Over Capacity”, your inability to let me Tweet makes you less credible as a social media outlet in my eyes.  So when is Twitter going to grow up? Will it ever change? Or is it already morphing into some bigger social butterfly?

A few of us might rant about the changes that Facebook has made over the years- but what has Twitter done to make it’s user experience better, and moreover, reliable? I couldn’t tell you, but I think it is time they update something; add some bells and whistles, giveaway a pony- anything. My coworker has been on Twitter “since it’s birth” (as he claims), and mentioned only a few changes on layout, sponsored ads, and something else that I deemed as unimportant and stopped listening, so I think it’s time for a change.

Some could argue that Twitter doesn’t need to change or improve since people are changing they way they use the platform.  Twitter isn’t just known as a place for “shoutout’s” or a status update anymore. If you didn’t know that Twitter is one of the world’s kingpins when it comes to search engines, you have been living under a rock.  The search feature on Twitter has become what millions are using it for daily; the ability to Tweet is becoming secondary to some, while they comb through endless feeds of hyper-specific information. I’m all for using Twitter for search, and often do, but I might like to see some new features ever once in a while, just to keep it interesting.

If I were among the Twitter Gods I would come up with something awesome like an entire Tweets feed where I could instantly see all the pictures people Tweet and Re-Tweet, instead of having to click on the link to see the image and open it up. You could still keep Tweeted images on the regular feed, but have a place to view them so you wouldn’t have to leave the main page. That would be just swell.#firstworldpains. I’d also like the idea of linking it to iTunes so that you could buy and Tweet songs to your friends, and they could only listen to them on Twitter- but I’m pretty sure Pandora is jumping on that. I never said ALL my ideas were genius so don’t judge me.

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Kim Siever
Posted on April 24th 2012 at 10:05PM

Are you serious? Hashtags? Retweets? Embedded media? Lists? Automatic URL shortening? OAuth? Trending topics? Do your research before spouting off nonsense.