Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Instagram, You Sellout. You’re No Longer Cool.

Posted on April 10th 2012

Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Instagram, You Sellout. You’re No Longer Cool.

The fact that I am even writing about the Instagram buyout already significantly takes away my cool factor (As if me being less cool was even possible?).  Let’s go back in time here to where this whole thing started: The birth of Instagram followers came from the womb of Hipstimatic. The first users were originally part of a niche market of artistic young folk, who would never describe themselves as “Hipsters”, but most certainly had an edgy, vintage inspired, wallflower sort of outlook on life, modeled by how they expressed themselves in social media, and the ugly thrift store garb they pranced around in.  

This “counter culture” started a trickle down effect of making things that use to be cool, cool again, by marking them only for the elite- even though they were accessible to everyone.  So Hipstimatic took flight, and allowed all kinds of ugly folks wearing buddy holly acetate frames to take artsy-fartsy pictures and share them with their super stylish really hip friends. So when too many people caught on to the awesomeness that was Hipstimatic, and people were tired of paying for it, Instagram took back those original elite users, and made an even more awesome, sharable, App.

I never caught onto the Instagram trend, mostly because I was pretending to be too awesome to hop on the bandwagon, I like to think that I predicted it’s cool factor would die out really fast, so I decided never to waste my time with it. I’m not trying to prove that I can take artistic looking photos with my camera phone, sorry. I have enjoyed the pictures my friends have shared, and even have as my Facebook Cover Photo (a picture a friend of mine took.) I can’t say I hate the App, I just don’t care enough to use it.

So now it seems as though the phoenix that is Instagram is about to burn out like its predecessor, regardless of the fact that over 5 million versions of the App were downloaded in the Android market yesterday.  Mark my words; although the masses will be using it, its core market will undoubtedly turn on the App like Brutus did to Caesar, and the whole regime will have to be reborn. On that note, did you guys get my Facebook Invite to go see that show at the Theater of Pompey? We’re meeting at 7pm sharp; I’ll be hiding behind the third column to the left, wearing my red cape, don’t forget your smart phone this time…it’s going down.

‘Cause we are living in a digital world and I’m a social media girl.XB

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Danny Brown
Posted on April 11th 2012 at 1:28PM

Instead of jumping on the sellout bandwagon, grow up, and realize that you're the product:

Veronica Button
Posted on April 11th 2012 at 5:28PM

isn't being negative and angsty fun though?!? Hahah I joke I joke. thanks for your input Danny, and great blog! XB