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Content Marketing Best Practices: 8 Rookie Mistakes

content marketingOne of my favorite things about the content marketing industry is that it’s such a collaborative and communicative field. We share each other’s words on social media platforms and house each other’s content on our blogs. It’s very community oriented and I dig it. My best friends and mentors are people I’ve never even physically met. In fact, for most of them, I’ve never even heard their voices, but I know their Twitter handle better than I know my own phone number.

In that sprit of collaboration: I write about content marketing all day and every day for GroupHigh, so I feel that I have some good tips to share. The following eight tactics are content marketing mistakes that a lot beginners make, and I’m here to help you not look like a “newbie.” 

  1. Write content to sell your brand. Your content marketing strategy shouldn’t ever include you writing about your brand. Instead, you should provide valuable resources in the genre your brand falls in to. This creates a trust surrounding your image.
  2. Tweet about yourself. Of course you want to share your content on Twitter and you should. But it shouldn’t be the only content that you share. Think about what interests the majority of your audience and share any post from any author that would be useful to them. Also, don’t ever send out a tweet talking about how cool you are; please refrain.
  3. House content on as many platforms as possible. You want to try different platforms but you need to be quick to get rid of the ones that don’t work for you. Because you’re tracking all of your efforts, right?
  4. Take on an overly formal writing voice. Okay, so everyone’s audience members are different. But I don’t know any audience that would rather communicate with a robot than a human. Hone in on the voice of your content and don’t be shy to let inner human come out.
  5. Write for your audience. You should be writing with them. Letting your audience feel like they are part of your company and/or content process makes them feel so important and much more likely to advocate for your brand. Ask for their input and topic ideas and then give them a shout out on your social media channels when you put their ideas into effect. This will go a long way. Also, watch your posts with a hawk eye so that you can engage in the comments section as this is a great place to get their input. Collaborate with your audience members whenever possible.
  6. You don’t need to reach out to other bloggers. Blogger outreach and influencer marketing are crucial to your marketing process because bloggers are the influencers who talk about your brand word of mouth—the best kind of “marketing” a brand can get.
  7. Let your content get found. I’ve seen too many people make the mistake of moving on after they produce an awesome piece of content with little to no promotion. One of the most time consuming components of my job is promoting my content. Honestly, I spend more time building relationships and promoting my content than I do writing...You know when you have written something good, so let the world see it!
  8. Keep pumping out content. You should never write a piece of content because you feel like you need another post. You should only write content when you think you have some worthwhile tips, piece of information or a unique view to share.

Whether or not a tactic should be used or thrown out is usually stumbled upon through experience. I would love to talk about tactics that you’ve tried and then got rid of in your own content marketing strategy in the comments below. Cheers to a good discussion!

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  • Kristen Matthews's picture
    Apr 22 Posted 4 years ago Kristen Matthews

    Catherine, that is a really good addition. I may be quoting you in my follow up post to this one! If I see someone with a weird profile photo, I may laugh but I don't know  that I would work with them. If I see someone with a blury photo. I may think they are lazy. Thanks!

  • Apr 14 Posted 4 years ago cklasne

    Yes, I think you've hit the nail on the head with these nine tips. With the hammer end of the hammer. The one I would add is: Look sad and serious or blurry and crazy in your profile photo. I've seen an amazing number of these pics lately.

  • Kristen Matthews's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 4 years ago Kristen Matthews

    Hi Rochelle, no they are not in opposition with each other because I state that tweeting your content is good when done in a mix with other people's content. Too many people use Twitter as a self promotional tool and don't share other work or tips or content that their audience would find useful.

    Making sure pepole see your work includes tweeting it and sharing it on G+ and Facebook and sites like Digg or Reddit. Just because your share your work doesn't mean that you are only sharing your own work. Make sense?

  • Kristen Matthews's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 4 years ago Kristen Matthews

    That's a great tip to add Stephen. I agree that leaving out a call to action would be a rookie mistake! Maybe we'll have a follow up article to this one???

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    Some great advice here Kristen.

    I would say you've missed an important point however. Include a call to action! The call to action must be the lead nurturing aspect to the content.

    I talked to a website designer at a recent exhibition and he mentioned he'd written a blog article that was really detailed and in-depth and it had lots of shares and views but it lead to know leads. I mentioned why didn't he offer it as a free downloadable eBook in return for lead information such as email address/ website address / name etc then he would have had information to follow up on. 

    Linking a lead generating call to action with content is a must! As well as your tips here Kristen.

  • Apr 9 Posted 4 years ago RCSRochelle

    Aren't tips #2 and #7 in oposition with one another?

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