Corporate Blogging on the Decline

Brad Friedman President, The Friedman Group, LLC

Posted on February 14th 2012

About ten days ago I wrote a post about corporate blogging.  My premise was that the corporate blog was a bit of a different beast than the individual blog. The corporate blog requires some thought and planning.  As a follow-up, I’d like to share this post with you. The premise of this post is that corporate blogging is on the decline. If that is so, it’s too bad and likely the result of a lack of planning on the part of the corporations who have stopped blogging. I continue to maintain corporate bloging in important for corporations to connect with their customers.

Corporate Blogging On The Decline


Brad Friedman

President, The Friedman Group, LLC

Brad Friedman is a “Recovering Attorney” living in Denver, Colorado. In 2010, Mr. Friedman parlayed his passion for technology and his business, legal and marketing savvy into the creation of The Friedman Group, LLC. Brad has developed a group of highly skilled people to work with individuals and businesses to develop strategies that enhance their online presence and engage clients, prospects and referral sources through the power of inbound and social media marketing.

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I think that the problem stems from many companies feeling the pressure of owning a blog and thinking that means that they have to push out new content every day. That's too much pressure. Better to use a blog sparingly to illustrate expertise in a given field. That's how you can maintain a blog while avoiding too much pressure to pump out content every day.