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Creating Human Value Online to Drive Sales

If you are a business with an eCommerce store (selling products or services online) you may find it hard to prove to your customers that you can be trusted. Regardless of how the internet has evolved over the years, there are still a majority of “old school customers” who distrust online businesses. To get past this hurdle, you need to create human value online.

As easy as it may be to lowers prices, run competitions and offer incentives, this may not sway enough of your online audience to make purchases as new or returning customers. What your customers want from YOU, is an online experience.

By offering an online experience, I mean creating a community within social and online marketing avenues that encourage the old school customers to drop the pen and paper documents, and pick up their laptop and engage online. To be able to achieve this, you will need to do the following;

  • Use and share new and unique tools and functionality that makes customers’ enjoy communicating online.

  • Interactive statements – allowing your customers to change the way information is displayed to suit their individual needs.

  • Targeted posts – help your customers by offering solutions to a specific situation that your target market may find themselves in.

  • User friendly features – The more friendlier the features are, the more likely customers will trust you and your business which will increase online sales.

  • Secure payment gateway – For your customers to feel safe while purchasing from you, you need to make the payment process as simple and painless as possible.

The biggest thing to remember when considering human value online and how to drive more sales is making the buying process as easy as possible for the consumer. If your website takes too long to load or has too many clicks to the payment page, your customer will lose interest.

Create a community, build relationships with your potential customers on social media and make sure they are happy. A happy customer, is a returning customer.


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