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A Day in the Life of the Social Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

social media statistics
The internet is huge...but exactly how huge is it? As it turns out, it's much more vast than you think. There are over 7 billion people in the world, many of whom regularly use the social web in meaningful ways. Think you understand the scope of the online world? Think again.
There are many different activities happening online every day. Here is an infographic from our pals at Uberflip visualizing what everyone is up to.
Some key takeaways:
Writing for mass audiences used to be just for media publishers. Now, anyone has the ability to speak to a global readership. 2.73 million blog posts are published daily - that's 1,896 every minute.
Most of us head over to Facebook for our social networking. The social networking giant has 1.23 billion monthly active users, of which 757 million log-in on a daily basis.
Check out the full infographic; click on it to view enlarged version.
social web usage

Top image credit: uberflip.

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  • Neil Ferree's picture
    Jun 5 Posted 1 year ago Neil Ferree

    I've seen a few iterations of this "a day on the Internet" infographic. This 2014 updated version is pretty telling.

    It will interesting to see if and when Google Hangouts (shoppable and public) will make the cut and show up in a future version in "a day on the Internet" infographic.

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