The Definitive Guide To Free Social Selling Tools

Julio Viskovich Social Selling Advisor & Strategist, NexLevel Sales

Posted on April 27th 2014

The Definitive Guide To Free Social Selling Tools

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Over the past few years, I have tried and evaluated hundreds of tools, platforms, and social networks specifically for uncovering the best and most efficient social selling tools for B2B sales reps and teams to use. It’s no secret that social selling reps are exceeding their counterparts and each day new tools are coming out to help sales teams embrace social selling. Today I will look specifically at tools that are free of charge. Stay tuned for my evaluation of premium social selling tools this week.


LinkedIn is the social network with the highest age, income, education and most importantly decision makers. Every sales rep and member of the organization should be on LinkedIn, which is precisely why it’s such a great sales tool. It allows you to find target prospects and connect with them. It also provides great insight into mutual relationships to get a recommendation, to show your value to prospective decision makers, and to be a thought leader by publishing posts and being active in groups.


The ultimate social media aggregator and platform. This is my personal social selling command center which allows me to listen, publish, and schedule messages across all of my social networks from one place. I set up all of my Twitter lists here and LinkedIn groups and have a superhuman ability to listen and engage in one view. The free version allows you to add up to 5 networks before you need to upgrade.


Twitter is a the second most important social network to LinkedIn with regards to B2B social selling. It provides access into the personal life of a prospect, it allows you to be thought leader by sharing relevant content, provides competitive intelligence opportunities, and gives you a chance to emotionally connect with your prospect before and during the sales cycle begins.


Trendspottr is my favorite content curation platform. Why I like it is because it brings in content that is trending and provides me a real-time trending score which tells me which content has the most potential of virality in my area of expertise. It really promotes thought leadership by getting you the content first and enables you to engage with others that have engaged with the post. It plugs to HootSuite via their app directory for a great in HootSuite experience.

Do you have any other free social selling tools you'd like to add?


Julio Viskovich

Social Selling Advisor & Strategist, NexLevel Sales

Julio is a Forbe's top 30 social selling expert, was one of the pioneers in the social sales space. and currently acts as the VP of Marketing at social selling powerhouse platform rFactr. He created the social selling program at HootSuite before launching one fo the tops social selling training and strategy companies, NexLevel Sales. Julio published his first book called Sellarketing this year and speaks globally onbehalf of the Global Social Media Institute and holds Adjunct Professor roles in Digital Marketing at UBC and Sauder School of Business. Julio has been involved in social business heavily since about 2010 when using Twitter as a way to engage and train Microsoft Partners, further entrenched after pioneering social selling at HootSuite and since working with fortune 500s on implementing sales and marketing alignment strategies for social selling adoption.

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