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Do Linkedin Endorsements Really Matter to Hiring Managers?

Do LinkedIn Endorsements Really Matter to Hiring Managers?

Check out the LinkedIn profile of Jeff Ogden here, as his profile was featured in the book, Get Back to Work Faster. Take a look at this image. You can see Jeff Ogden has been endorsed 79 times for Lead Generation (updated) and 25 times for Demand Linkedin EndorsementsGeneration – that’s over 100 endorsements in this single topic.

At face value, I’m one of the top lead/demand generation experts in the USA (confirmed by all the marketing awards I have won, too), according to Linkedin Endorsements. So you would think that companies would fall all over themselves to hire me to run their B2B sales lead generation programs. But they don’t.

(Update: A West Coast software firm is extremely interested in me for a very important demand generation leadership role. Has my luck just changed?)

Is it because they don’t trust LinkedIn endorsements? Is it because they see some other flaw in my background?

My personal theory is that recruiters are bombarded with applicants. So they’re looking for any reason to eliminate candidates. So the default is to look for “flaws” either real or imagined, which would enable them to eliminate some candidates. For instance, if I lack experience in a particular software vertical, I am eliminated. If I live on the East Coast and the job is on the West Coast, I am eliminated.

Ironically, if I have a quality conversation with a hiring manager first, I’m almost never eliminated. The moral for me is this: Don’t talk to recruiters – talk to hiring managers!hiring managers I’m not certain this is the case, but it is my theory. And it was confirmed by Dan Green of who said to me “Not only are you on the wrong coast, Jeff, but these companies want to hire people directly from their competitors.” What Dan says is sad, but true. By the way, a rookie with zero major accounts experience grew GE by 224% in just 12 months.  So does background really matter more than passion, drive and teamwork?  In fact, I hired a man with the perfect experience, and he was a total bust. I’ve learned from hard experience that soft skills rule.

What do you think? Do Endorsements really matter to hiring managers, or are they looking for excuses to eliminate candidates? We love comments and those who share on social media.

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  • khalidraza9's picture
    Jun 14 Posted 3 years ago khalidraza9

    This is interesting. I wrote an entry on SocialGlaor on the same aspect and sharing the link along for your views

  • Jun 2 Posted 3 years ago adyk

    Great post Jeff. Just looked over your LinkedIn profile and there are few other things that should be improved before some recruitors will be able to spot your profile. For example when I search for lead or demand generation you are not on my first page results. Not even on the second or third. Your profile is not optimized for these keywords so less recruitors or hiring managers will find you on LinkedIn. 

    On the other hand endorsements do not have a high value in the recruitors eyes since they cannot provide accurate information regarding your expertise or knowledge in a particular field. Even more tha 100 people recognize that you have one skill or another, no one can know how skilled you are in lead generation for example. It is possible that you are kind of LinkedIn celebrity, or jiust you have a large network and you get more endorsements the the others. If you work for competition, and the competition is doing good on lead generation recruitors might get more interested in your skills.

  • jefflogden59's picture
    Jun 1 Posted 3 years ago jefflogden59

    From all the social sharing, this is one popular post. Thanks and please post your thoughts in the comments.

    I also have a minor change to the Dan Green quote. His actual comment to me was

    “In addition to the location challenge, you understand that typically my clients are looking for someone who has a successful recent track record as a full-time, permanent employee, preferably coming out of a direct competitor.”

    Jeff Ogden

  • raczakacosi's picture
    Jun 1 Posted 3 years ago raczakacosi

    Dear Jeff, 

    Yout Linkedin link (in article) goes wrong: http://www/



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