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Do Multiple Social Bookmarks at Once with Addthis and OnlyWire

Are you using more than one social bookmarking service like You can bookmark sites and blog posts on over 20 sites including with Onlywire and AddThis.

Onlywire allows users to submit your articles and web pages to multiple social bookmarking engines at once. You do have to add their code to each post with the unique information for that post including the url, title and tags. The Typepad widgets for tool like digg and (see the bottom of this post) are a one time effort. Then they show up on all posts without extra effort. This seems easier to me. Has anyone tried this tool?

AddThis is another way to bookmark a blog and a blog post on many services. Typepad has an AddThis widget which I installed. You can see it in the right side bar. So this was easier than OnlyWire. However, the widget only allows you to bookmark the entire site. The Typepad widgets for digg and allow to automatically add them at the end of each post. AddThis does have an widget for every post but you have to use html to install it. They need to improve their widget to allow for an easy implementation applying the bookmark to every post. Still it does work well and I invite you to use to use it here.

Tech Crunch likes AddThis and wrote the following comment. There is more in the post.

"AddThis is gathering some very interesting data that can form the core of a business model now that they have fairly deep penetration. They're releasing some of this data tomorrow - showing the top bookmarking services and feed readers where their users store data (see the graphs below). Given that AddThis also sees what stories people are bookmarking, it wouldn't be hard to imagine other things they could do with all of this data. The top bookmarking services, after the browser feature itself (”favorites”) are and Google Bookmarks, followed by Digg and Yahoo My Web. No surprises there. The top feed reader by a large margin is the much improved Google Reader."

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  • Oct 6 Posted 5 years ago Timu@Miami (not verified)

    Thanks for sharing the info. I have been using AddThis on our sites, but I was not aware of OnlyWire. We have our app on AddThis. I better check if we are already included to OnlyWire. Thanks again for the info..

  • Sep 21 Posted 9 years ago Samuel Thanks for this post. Just posted about 'Google Shared Stuff' on my blog and mentioned that bookmarking to multiple platforms is what I like about that tool.

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