Does Your Organisation Need More Social Communities?

Jamshed Wadia
Jamshed Wadia APac Social Business Strategist, Intel

Posted on September 2nd 2012

Does Your Organisation Need More Social Communities?

So you are a part of the Social Media team in your organization and you get a constant stream of requests from colleagues all over that they want to create their own communities, or worse still you may find out about them after they have been created. Either way, as a good social media practitioner, it’s your job to safe guard your brands social foot print and social experience with your target audience, and hence the need to be prescriptive about when new communities can be added.

Establishing the difference between campaign’s and communities

Many marketing managers don’t understand the difference between these two and the common mistake that is made is creating a community to facilitate the campaign. Once the campaign is over the community is left abandoned which seems like a big waste for the effort and resources that are put behind creating it in the first place.

Here is a quick and simple thought process to engage in before you decide to allow anyone to create a new community.


Community Management Matrix ©Jamshed Wadia

Jamshed Wadia

Jamshed Wadia

APac Social Business Strategist, Intel

Jamshed Wadia has over 15 years of experience in the ‘Information Technology’ industry that span areas like Product Management, Retail Marketing, Sales Management, Digital Marketing and Social Business Strategy. He holds a ‘Masters in Business Administration’ and ‘Bachelors Degree in Engineering’.

He is currently a part of the Asia Pacific Brand and Campaigns team at Intel, with his focus areas being Social Business Strategy, SEO and Intel Inside Program. He is also a certified ‘Social Media Practitioner’ at Intel and has been working in teams that have executed several innovative social by design campaigns. Prior to his current employer, Intel, he has worked for organizations like Wipro Infotech, H&R Johnson, and Tangerine.

He is an avid blogger and maintains a personal blog called ‘Igniting thoughts’ and professional Blog called ‘Corridor Conversations’.

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Kent Ong
Posted on September 3rd 2012 at 6:31AM

HI Jamshed, thanks for the diagram. It clearly show the difference between campaign and community. And it is good for us to know that.

Jamshed Wadia
Posted on September 3rd 2012 at 6:04PM

Thanks Kent ! Glad it's useful to you.