Easy Steps to Getting Your Guest Post Published

Mark Scott Social Media Thinker , DOC Marketing

Posted on September 24th 2013

Easy Steps to Getting Your Guest Post Published

If you are a regular blogger, you will know that guest blogs are an excellent platform to start out and grasp an interested audience. A guest blog provides you with a number of readers who may get hooked on to some of your articles or posts. Once you have captured a large enough number of people with your work, you may branch out and create your own blog site. 

Better still, you can utilize guest post services while you have your own site as well, and redirect readers to your own site through other sites. This is in fact a strategy, which many social media marketers use today. There are a few simple steps involved by which companies get in-numerous customers simply through guest blogging. Here are some of their trade secrets.


Step 1: Focus on Headings 

Make sure that the titles and subheadings that you use for your blogs are concise. If you come across a situation where you have to compromise on either how short the title is or how descriptive, choose length. If the title does not capture a reader’s attention in a single glance, then it does not matter how good the content is; you will not have any readers.


Step 2: Focus on Visuals 

Quite a few marketers have the misconception that content is all that matters in a social media platform. This is far from true. If your website does not look good, people will not care to go through endless pages of writing. Before getting to writing, attract potential customers with engaging but relevant audio and visuals on your web-page. Writing for a guest blog means that your article will be put through a screening process. If it does not attract the owner of the blog site, it is unlikely to attract others. For this reason it will never be selected.


Step 3: Market, Don’t Sell

These two terms generally come hand-in-hand. To market means to sell. This is not  entirely true. Marketing is a process of providing people with something that fulfills their certain state of felt deprivation. Bring out the feelings involved with using a product instead of displaying a long list of features the item has. Create awareness of how it can be used to avail different benefits. People want to be coaxed into buying something based on how it may make them feel. If they were looking for a product description, they would not come to a blog site.


 Step 4: Do a Background check on the Blog Site

If you are trying to market your product on guest post services and social media platforms, then you have to research the site that you are putting up your posts as guest. If you are advertising or bringing out the advantages of a certain commodity, then you have to make sure your articles reach readers who are interested. Try to write for blog sites that are centered on your business. This way you will have a platform filled with an exact target group rather than thousands of disconnected readers. 


Mark Scott

Social Media Thinker , DOC Marketing

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Alan Smith
Posted on September 25th 2013 at 11:01AM

Rather than selecting common article topics, select new and impressive topic for your guest post article. When you provide unique, high quality and actionable content, your article will get easy approval.