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Electrifying Content Strategies: More Content, Better Content

ImageMany expert domainers have discussed how blogging will provide an avenue for your website URL to see better visibility in search engines, and how creating editorial calendars would help your website grow towards ‘expert status.’  To break down your marketing strategy even further, we’d like to help your website URL realize some other areas where improvements could help elevate your website URL past expert mode, and well into champion status.

Without further ado, let’s unravel the keys to a successful website marketing plan, and how your beginning months of 2014 could highly benefit your content strategy simply by amplifying your current strategy with infectious energy.

Content – By The Truckload

Content calendars, planning website URL tips into carefully scheduled series and making every word count early, and often, makes content continually work wonders for marketing planners.  If you read the numerous suggestions available from major domain brokerages or marketing firms, you could take each suggestion and mix them up into various blog series, segments or whatever would keep readers engaged.  It’s pivotal that each piece you write has some relevance to other topics discussed; remember to link!

Write often, craft your posts into short, succinct stories and schedule similar posts sequentially for best results.  Of course, you may wonder exactly where is the best place to write content - on your blogs, in a closet, at church or at home would work fine, actually.

Plan, Then Follow Through

One must develop their calendars, marketing launches and other initiatives under strict pretenses that they’ll be followed through.  Website development and management teams would rather see 1 dynamic plan followed through completely as opposed to 12 mini-ideas halfway executed.  Agree to launch content, write thank you letters or boost website URL awareness in some marketable fashion, then execute with ninja-like precision.

Minimize the number of preset yearly priorities to prevent long-term domain name, or business, failures.


One technique which many marketing buffs will partake in revolves around outsourcing their surplus work, even if that consists of basic transcription, to allow for more concerted efforts on website URL growth.  Whereas many companies have used contingency-based work platforms like Freelancer or oDesk, the mere fact that you need to delegate your content assignments is paramount – regardless where you hire people.

Through careful workload delegation, you’ll have more time to develop your website URL’s quarterly goals, outreach to new clients, and distance yourself from competition.  Check out how one blog, at Everbuying ( pulled this off.

Dig Deeper

Research works, yet research at the hands of focus groups simply works better since you receive live accounts of your business’ products and services. The participation takes place in large or small-scale platforms, allowing participants to sound off their feelings, reactions and where room for improvements exist.  Whereas many of these focus groups domain brokerages hire fall short of perfection, excellent platforms which bring consumers together do exist that could boost your company’s bottom line.

Your website’s overall product footprint inevitably defines your future ability to remain competitive within your field of specialty; brilliant focus groups which are put together based on collected information could potentially make or break your business initiatives, depending on how well you react to feedback.  In order to make the most of focus group participation, marketing professionals will generally collect information relevant to what your company wishes to observe or find out.

That’s striking the iron when it’s hot.

Be Bold

Telephone questionnaires and focus groups are synergetic strides towards your end marketing results, yet suitable marketing plans that are well-nurtured, properly undertaken by trained staff and thoroughly examined often will allow large-scale businesses to develop more focused strategies.  Those who seek either expansion of their current audience, or even just introduction of new products to different customer niches altogether, would benefit from bold yet well-timed moves.

Regardless of why companies thoroughly research the internet and those who are buying products, having bold movers in your corner will definitely prove fruitful.  Whether your goal is learning how to save money or you just need business insights, you can pull this off.


Your 2013 campaign is fleeting, milestones have been set or surpassed, and you’re looking to smoothly sail through the waning months of the calendar while perhaps making your website URL shine a little brighter.  Why not spend the time creating electrifying content, delegating processes outside your walls, and making bolder moves than years passed.

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