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Essential Rules of Good Copywriting You Can't Get Around

copywriting rules

Since there are thousands of sites out there that are vying for consumers’ attention, it is essential that you deliver your points quickly and easily enough for all Internet users to understand. If your copy can grab people’s interest and maintain it, you’re on a strong path to conversions.

As a point of reference, you can visit, and then click any of the site features and take note of the format, length, and composition of its content posts. Do the pages have anything in common? The site promotes products with a direct and simple idea and doesn’t bother with overt “sales talk” to get the message through. Apple’s massive market share shows that the approach seems to work very well. After reading this article we recommend doing a similar survey of your own site to review the flow of copy.

Keep it Short and Simple

The problem is many sites tend to say too much without delivering on their promises effectively. Companies that clutter their sites with self-praise and hyperbole are just alienating their users instead of making them comfortable. Take a look at your website now. How many paragraphs on your home page are dedicated to telling people that you’re the “best in the industry”? How many sentences on your interior pages are best suited for a college English class?  

Since Internet users spend very little time judging a website’s worth (and act on gut response), the most important rule for effective website copywriting is keeping things as simple and quick as possible, especially for your home and landing pages. According to an article on Forbes, the goal of your website is not to inflate your brand’s ego; it’s to solve people’s problems and provide answers to their questions.

Speak to Your Audience Directly

Another thing you should focus on is streamlining your site for your target audience. It is critical to establish direct communication with your prospects using tailored content that speaks of the benefits they can get from your products and services based on what they’re presently experiencing. Nonspecific and bland content will likely be ignored because when people are looking for the best solutions to their needs, from the best-suited provider.

If you’re in the home improvement industry, instead of talking excessively about product features, you can talk about the advantages of upgrading parts of consumer’s homes as it relates to their exact needs. Consumers are motivated by necessity so try to drive your writing toward your particular audience’s problem areas. For instance, if you’re based in Michigan, instead of focusing on the general strength and durability of your products, you should talk about how new siding and windows can protect families against harsh blizzards, especially since winter is coming soon.

While designing your site’s layout, get a clue from Apple’s philosophy: a direct and simple headline followed by a direct and simple description. The features are described in detail but using compact straightforward language without exaggerations. Always remember that your website is an interaction platform so things should never be one-sided.

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  • Dec 20 Posted 3 years ago Dan White Edmon...

    Nice tips have been shared here through this article. I appreciate this article to give proper guidance. According to me, copywriting should be short and clear means yuo should mention all things you want to share with your target people in short and with complete sense because no one has much time to read advertisements for a long period. So, a great copywriting can attract customers towards your products and services.


    Dan White Edmonton

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