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Everything Facebook Announced at F8

Everything Facebook Announced at F8

At Facebook’s F8 conference, there were a lot of announcements that you might want to know about. Mark Zuckerberg shared information about how Facebook are looking to build, grow and monetize through its many tools. Here is what Facebook had to announce that will help not only us as users, but developers get the most out of Facebook.

Granular and Anonymous Logins

As we know, hundreds of applications use Facebook login. If you, as a users are logging into an app for the first time, you can fine tune how that said app will interact with your information. We know that we are asked if an app can post to Facebook on a user’s behalf, but now you can choose exactly what you want shared or not. You can also now log in anonymously.

FBstart Developer Tool

If you are a developer, you can apply to the new FbStart programme. This includes access to free tools and services worth up to £18,000. If you are selected, you will also receive credits for advertising on Facebook, access to their cloud-based programme Parse along with product testing, recruiting, customer care and video conferencing tools.

Audience Network

Audience Network is an ad network that Facebook has introduced via mobile. This service will allow third-party app developers to use Facebook’s existing targeting and measurement features as well as access to three ad formats; banner, interstitial and native.

Mobile Like for Third-Party App

The “like” button for third-party mobile apps has now been introduced. Facebook have now introduced the button, giving developers access to a user’s timeline with just the use of the “like” button.

Local Datastore for Offline App Use

Offline data storage has been offered to developers, allowing them to keep apps running while using a mobile device that is not connected to the internet.

Two-Year Stability & 48-hour Bug Fixes

Facebook have made their platform even more stable for users and developers. The company has promised to fix all major bugs within 48 hours and a two-year guarantee with all of Facebook’s core API’s and platforms.

New Media API’s

Facebook have announced four new API’s for media organisations; Trending, Topic Insights, Topic Feed and Hashtag Counter. This has been launched as part of the new Public Content Solutions programme. This tool is said to help make stories users are telling more compelling with Facebook content and data.

Some of the above may not make complete sense to you however, it shows that Facebook are changing their strategy. Whether this is for the better, only time will tell.

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